Trucking accidents are possibly the most terrifying accidents you can be involved in. If you’re interested in filing a personal injury claim against the person responsible for your crash, contact a Springville 18-wheeler accident lawyer today.

The injuries you can suffer in a collision with an 18-wheeler can be catastrophic. Fortunately, a Springville truck accident lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates will be happy to examine your case to determine who should be held accountable and how the severity of your injuries will impact the amount of compensation you could receive.

Who’s to Blame in Commercial Truck Crashes?

Quite a few people could be named as defendants in your Springville truck injury claim. While the truck driver most frequently has contributed to the cause of the crash, the trucking company, road authority, truck owner, technicians, manufacturers, and cargo loaders could all have done something that contributed to the semi-truck being unsafe on the road.

Truck drivers work very long hours, and possibly the most common reason truckers cause accidents is because they drive drowsy. Trucking company administrators are obligated to schedule drivers with at least twelve hours off between shifts and no more than seven consecutive workdays. When the company refuses to comply with this state mandate, it may be found responsible for your accident.

Other ways in which truckers can cause Springville accidents include distracted driving, driving while impaired, and driving aggressively. Aggressive driving would cover speeding, following too closely, improper lane changes, overcorrection, and taking turns that are too wide.

State and local government road authorities have a responsibility to maintain safe roadways for all drivers. If road conditions have created a risk for injury and were not immediately addressed, we could hold a government agency accountable for your injuries.

Similarly, if a part manufacturer sold a defective part that caused your truck crash, you could seek compensation from the manufacturer. In other situations, you might be able to hold mechanics and cargo-loading teams accountable for your injuries. Your Springville truck wreck lawyer will scrutinize your case to determine who should take care of the expenses tied to your crash.

Injuries Associated with Collisions Involving 18-Wheelers

Few accidents produce injuries as life-threatening as those seen in truck accidents. These types of injuries often lead to permanent disabilities and can have an impact on your life for the foreseeable future. Injuries that are common to semi-truck crashes in Springville include the following:

  • Amputations
  • Spinal cord injuries like paralysis
  • Organ damage
  • Neck injuries like whiplash
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Death

When you endure severe injuries that will have devastating consequences on your life, the negligent party should be penalized accordingly. While you focus on your recovery, a Craig Swapp & Associates truck accident lawyer will work with your medical team to confirm the extent of your injuries so we can assess the value of your injury claim.

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