Truck accidents can lead to debilitating and long-term injuries. If you have suffered a spine or back injury in a crash with a big truck and aren’t sure how to proceed, you should speak with a Spokane truck accident spine injury lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates to have your questions answered.

We handle cases like these on a regular basis and can help you receive the compensation that could enable your recovery.


How a Lawyer Can Help

After being in a truck accident, it is never recommended to work directly with the trucker’s insurance company. Their objective is to reduce the compensation you receive by as much as possible, meaning that their interests are not aligned with yours.

The only way to have a true advocate protecting your rights is to hire your own truck crash attorney. We can perform all of the following tasks on your behalf:

  • Protect your rights
  • Gather evidence
  • File a lawsuit on your behalf
  • Negotiate with the insurance company
  • Represent you in court
  • And more


Determining Negligence

Before filing a lawsuit, we will need to review the details of your accident so that we can determine who was responsible or negligent. In a truck accident, this is particularly important because both the driver and the trucking company could have some responsibility for the crash.

For example, if the truck driver caused the accident because he or she was driving distracted, the negligence would be clear. However, if the truck was in disrepair, causing the driver to be unable to stop or slow down quickly enough, the company could be at fault.

As your attorneys, we can name all of the at-fault parties in the lawsuit in order to maximize compensation for your claim.


Receiving Compensation

If you have suffered significant expenses due to your back injury, the best way to recover them is to file a personal injury lawsuit.

When discussing your options, we will ask questions about any expenses you have incurred as a result of your back injury. This allows us to seek money for all of the following items:

  • Your current and future medical treatment
  • Wages you have lost due to an inability to work
  • The cost of hiring help
  • Rehabilitation, physical therapy, or massage
  • Cost of a wheelchair or other mobility equipment
  • Money for retrofitting your home or vehicle

Any expenses or damages you have suffered as a result of your accident should be accounted for in your financial settlement.


Paralysis and Long-Term Care

Spine injuries can sometimes lead to full or partial paralysis. When this happens, you deserve to receive money to pay for the long-term impact on your life:

  • Long-term medical care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Decreased enjoyment from life
  • Loss of consortium


Speak with an Experienced Truck Crash Lawyer

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