Trucking accidents account for at least 111,000 injuries every year, many of which are brain injuries of some sort.

A brain injury can lead to both immediate and long-term physical, mental, and emotional challenges, so if you have suffered one in an 18-wheeler crash, you should speak with a Spokane truck accident brain injury lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates about your legal options.


Watch for Brain Injury Symptoms

Unless a head injury results in bleeding, bruising, loss of consciousness, or immediate swelling, it is possible to miss the signs of a traumatic brain injury. They are not always physically obvious and often go undiagnosed.

This makes it necessary to ask your doctor to complete a full diagnostic after your accident and to also watch for signs of a head injury on your own. These may include any of the following:

  • Mood swings
  • Inability to process information
  • Severe headaches and migraines
  • Dizziness or lack of balance and coordination
  • Constant fatigue

Not all of the symptoms are listed here, so if you feel “off” after your truck accident, you should speak with your doctor immediately. An untreated brain injury can put you at risk of death, so don’t go undiagnosed if you think something is wrong.


File Suit Immediately

Since brain injuries sometimes go undiagnosed for months, hiring a Spokane truck accident lawyer and filing suit immediately is your best course of action after a wreck. This is because in Washington State, there is a three-year statute of limitations. If you file past that, your case could be thrown out of court, leaving you with few options for recovering financial damages.

If you are concerned about filing prior to reaching a full recovery, don’t be. We can estimate the cost of your future medical expenses when valuing your claim, so there is no need to delay.


Determining Fault

In order to file a successful lawsuit, we must first investigate what happened during your crash and determine who was responsible. In a trucking accident, there are several parties that could share in the responsibility, so it is critical that we identify the role that each played.

We will investigate the responsibility of the parties listed below:

  • Truck driver
  • Trucking company
  • Other vehicles
  • Road conditions

If more than one party contributed to your wreck, we can name them all in your lawsuit, thereby allowing you to maximize the compensation you receive.


Placing a Value on Your Claim

During a consultation, our clients typically want to know how much money they can receive for a head injury, concussion, or other traumatic brain injury. The answer to this question lies with how your injury has impacted your life.

You can receive compensation for your accident-related medical bills, including the cost of rehabilitation, medication, hospitalization, tests, and future medical expenses.

You could also qualify for compensation for your lost wages if you have had to take time off from work or have been unable to work at all.

Finally, any additional expenses that you have accrued due to your injury may be reimbursed. This may include an estimate of what those future expenses may be as well.


Getting Help from a Spokane Truck Crash Attorney

You should not have to suffer the crushing debt and decreased quality of life that often follows a head injury. Instead, hold the responsible party accountable and file a lawsuit with the help of an attorney from Craig Swapp & Associates.

We can discuss your legal options in greater detail during your free consultation, so call 1-800-404-9000 or fill out the form below to reach us.