Were you hit by a semi-truck driver who was speeding? The trucker’s recklessness may have cost you your health. You shouldn’t be the one to pay for how this has impacted your life or be stuck paying for medical bills that weren’t your fault.

A Spokane speeding truck accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can represent you, file a personal injury claim on your behalf, and hold the negligent party accountable.

How Was Speeding Involved?

We need to understand what happened leading up to your accident. What was the truck driver doing at the time? How fast was the 18-wheeler going? You may not have all the answers, but give us as many details as possible.

Once retained, we will review the accident report and get any available information from law enforcement. We will also engage in discovery and possibly depose the trucker to ask what speed he or she was traveling at. This will provide us with more evidence that can be used to establish negligence.

Identifying the Responsible Party

In addition to discovering what happened and determining how fast the driver was going, we need to know who to name in your claim. This is not always the driver. If the trucker was working as an employee of a trucking company or retailer, we may also sue the company directly. Naming all responsible parties in your claim will be essential for collecting full compensation.

Additionally, the speeding may not have been the fault of the truck driver. If there was a mechanical error or dangerous road conditions were involved, third parties may be liable for the crash.

How Fast Is Too Fast?

The actual speed the truck was going will matter in your case. If the trucker was driving just five miles over the speed limit, it is still evidence that can be used to support your case.

If the driver was being reckless and going significantly over the speed limit, a jury may award punitive damages to punish them and send a message to other truck drivers that they need to follow the speed limit.

Your Injuries Matter in Your Case

You can seek compensation if you suffered an injury that required medical attention, whether the injury was physical, emotional, or mental. You attorney will have experience litigating claims for a variety of different injury types:

We want to include all injuries in the lawsuit to ensure that you receive enough money to pay for your current and future medical care.

Speak with a Spokane Truck Accident Attorney

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