Getting hit by a semi-truck is traumatic. If you were injured in one of these accidents, you can sue the negligent party and seek financial damages. A Spokane overloaded truck accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can help you do so.

First, we will need to identify who was at fault for the crash and gather evidence to prove negligence. This requires meeting with you, going over what happened, and conducting discovery after being retained. It may turn out that your 18-wheeler accident was caused by a trailer or truck that was overloaded beyond its weight limit.

How an Overloaded Truck Causes a Wreck

Overloading a semi-truck is dangerous for a number of reasons:

  • It takes longer to brake, making it difficult to stop. In some cases, the brakes may even fail due to the additional weight.
  • The truck becomes less responsive and cannot react quickly to changes in traffic patterns or road conditions.
  • It may be difficult for an overloaded truck to maneuver or turn corners.
  • The tires may blowout, causing an accident.

If you were hit by a semi-truck that seemed out of control or unable to stop, it may have been due to being overloaded rather than the driver’s actions.

The Operator Should Know the Weight Limits

There are legal limits for how heavy of a load a truck or trailer can carry. If the weight limits were exceeded, the trucking company and driver almost certainly did so knowingly. Truck drivers must receive a commercial license, and to get it, they must pass a test proving their knowledge. Simultaneously, trucking companies would know the weight regulations since they manage what they do on a daily basis.

We simply need to prove that the truck was overweight to demonstrate the trucking company’s purposeful negligence.

The Process of Seeking Compensation

The personal injury claim process begins with discovery. This is when evidence is gathered by attorneys to prove negligence. During this time, a preliminary value will also be placed on your claim. To do so, we will need to know the following:

  • What your medicals bills have totaled so far
  • How much you have lost in wages, and if you will be returning to work
  • All other accident-related expenses and financial losses you have suffered
  • How your life has been impacted so we can put a value on your pain and suffering

Once calculated, we can send a demand letter to the other side for their consideration. They will respond by agreeing to pay, negotiating, or refusing to pay anything. If they do not make a fair offer, the best way to recover full compensation is to go to court. We can represent you throughout the entire process.

Be Careful with the Insurance Company

The insurance company will likely try to contact you directly. Don’t answer their questions without our help. They may use what you say against you to pin blame for the accident on you.

If the accident was caused by an overloaded truck or trailer, this is clearly their fault. You don’t have to speak with them and the best way to protect yourself is by refusing to do so. We can handle all of the communications on your behalf.

Get the Help You Need

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