Whether you were hurt in a wreck with a bus, taxi, or something else, you deserve a comprehensive settlement to cover your damages and losses. Find out how to get your compensation by working with a Spokane public transportation accident lawyer.

While any injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident can create a stressful situation, if the crash involved some form of public transportation, the process of getting compensated can become even more confusing than normal.

Buses, taxis, trains, rideshares—all of these transportation options involve a number of different entities in their operation. This makes it difficult to determine who was at fault, and therefore who owes you a settlement.

A Spokane public transportation accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can untangle this difficult scenario. We can help you investigate your wreck and determine both who was at fault and how much you should receive.


At-Fault Parties and Public Transport Crashes

While public transport might be convenient, the web of responsibility that must be untangled after a wreck is anything but. Because so many different entities and companies are involved in maintaining and running these vehicles, it takes an in-depth investigation to identify every party who was negligent.

Your Spokane public transportation accident lawyer will help you hold all of the at-fault parties responsible in your personal injury claim:

  • TaxisA cab crash could indicate that the cabbie, the taxi company, a parts manufacturer, a service crew, or even another driver was at fault.
  • Buses All of the above listed parties could be at-fault in a bus crash, as well. However, buses are often run by government agencies, which means that special rules might apply to your claim.
  • Rideshare Companies – As Uber and Lyft become increasingly popular, crashes involving their drivers and vehicles are also becoming more common. Because their drivers are generally contractors, whether the app was in use at the time will determine whether the company or the driver will be at fault.
  • Trains While uncommon, train accidents can be particularly catastrophic. The conductor, company, and parts manufacturers will all need to be investigated, as will any third-party contractors who may have serviced the tracks or equipment.


Getting a Fair Settlement

One thing that all forms of public transport accidents have in common is that the compensation you receive will most likely come from an insurance company. A common mistake made by many injury victims is the assumption that the insurer is there to help them.

In truth, their main concern is convincing you to accept the smallest settlement possible and to do so before you can get an attorney to advise you. By working with a Spokane public transportation accident lawyer from our firm, you can take this advantage away from them.

We’ll handle the negotiations on your behalf and ensure that all of your current and future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages are all factored into your settlement. If trial becomes necessary, we’ll represent and counsel you throughout the proceedings, ensuring that you’re well-prepared and informed.


Get Help from a Spokane Public Transport Crash Attorney

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