If you have used talcum-based products and now have ovarian cancer, the manufacturer of the products could be to blame. If so, you could file a claim for compensation for your medical bills, the impact on your life, and your pain and suffering.

A Spokane talcum powder cancer lawyer with Craig Swapp & Associates can help you find out whether your case qualifies you for compensation.

Your Cancer Might Have Been Avoidable

Many women suffer from ovarian cancer, but it is sometimes caused by something avoidable, such as a defective or harmful product.

Johnson & Johnson has sold products containing talcum powder that have been advertised for use in feminine hygiene. Many women have used these products for decades.

Studies have found a link between these products and the development of ovarian cancer. Naturally, the company has objected to this claim, but after hearing the evidence, several juries have ruled otherwise.

Now, multiple juries have awarded millions of dollars to women who have suffered ovarian cancer and to family members of deceased women in wrongful death cases.

Proving Your Case Could Be Challenging

Defective product cases can be difficult to prove and litigate. This makes it important to hire an attorney who has experience representing victims of tragedies like this and recovering financial damages.

Also, the process of filing a claim against a large company like Johnson & Johnson requires significant resources. Expert witnesses and doctors will need to be called in to testify; these are resources that some smaller firms may not have.

We have the ability to bring cases like this to trial and give our clients the best opportunity for recovering compensation.

A Spokane talcum powder cancer attorney with our firm will know how to build a strong argument for why you deserve compensation and how the use of talcum powder could have contributed to your ovarian cancer.

Compensation for Your Injuries

If we can establish that Johnson & Johnson or another manufacturer of talcum-containing products was responsible for your ovarian cancer, you could receive the following types of compensation:

  • Economic Damages – This is compensation to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and direct expenses that are related to developing cancer.
  • Non-Economic Damages – This is compensation to make up for how your life has been negatively impacted by developing cancer. Non-economic damages can account for pain and emotional suffering.
  • Punitive Damages – Juries will sometimes award punitive damages to punish the negligent party. If a manufacturer has knowingly or negligently produced and sold a product that has hurt people, a jury may make the manufacturer pay punitive damages.

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