When you purchase a product, you expect it to perform as advertised and to do so without harming you or your family. If instead, you were seriously injured or have suffered physical harm as the result of using a defective product, you deserve to be compensated by the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer—possibly all three.

First, you will need to identify who is responsible for the defective product and prove their negligence. A Spokane product liability lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can help you do this.


Types of Product Liability

Any time that you are injured because a

  • Being burned by a product overheating or catching on fire, as sometimes happens with faulty models of e-cigarettes
  • Products containing harmful ingredients such as lead paint
  • Warnings not being properly posted or disclosed regarding various hazards
  • A product failing to perform as intended and then causing an injury through normal use

Even if your accident is not listed here, you could still have a case. A Spokane product liability lawyer from our office can review your accident and advise you of the best way to proceed.


Who Is Responsible

Your Spokane product liability lawyer will identify the right party to sue and make a strong case fully demonstrating their responsibility and negligence.

This is not as cut-and-dry as it may seem because more than one party could be partially to blame. For example, if a retailer paid to have something manufactured and was aware that faulty components were being used, they and the manufacturer could both be negligent.


Conducting an Investigation

Your Spokane product liability lawyer will investigate all of the following points:

  • Who sold you the product
  • Who distributed it
  • Who manufactured it
  • Anyone else involved in the design, making, distribution, or sale of the product

Next, we will need to determine what, if any, responsibility each party has. We can then name each responsible party in your lawsuit, thereby giving you the maximum possible options for financial compensation.


Get Compensated for Your Injury

We will fully value your claim by identifying all areas of your health and lifestyle that have been impacted by your injuries. This will allow you to receive compensation for your medical bills and any other expenses and damages related to the harm caused by the defective product:

  • Lost income due to time missed from work
  • Cost of rehabilitation and therapy
  • Transportation expenses
  • Caregiver expenses
  • And more


Speak with a Spokane Product Liability Lawyer

If a defective product has harmed you or your family, you can seek compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit. With an experienced attorney from Craig Swapp & Associates in your corner, you can proceed with your case knowing that you have an experienced Spokane product liability lawyer working for your best interests.

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