Each year, millions of people are exposed though dangerous and unsafe over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Often these individuals turn to these drugs for the benefits advertised by the manufacturers, but are unaware that they have unforeseen risks or can cause serious personal injury, even death. When these risks are exposed, often the drugs are taken off the market or recalled, but for many the damage has been done. The end result may be pain, permanent injury, reduction of a healthy lifestyle, shortened lifespan, or even death.

If your health has been damaged by an over-the-counter drug or prescription drug – or if a loved one has died as a result – Craig Swapp & Associates can help you and your family receive legal help and fair compensation.

Some of the cases we are currently working on include:

Reglan Side Effects Lawsuit
Fosamax for Osteoporosis
Gadolinium Contrast Agent
Ortho Evra Birth Control Patches
Yasmin Birth Control Pills

To explain how you’ve been injured by one of these products, please submit your information on the form to the right. If you believe you have been injured by another product, please contact us and we’ll look into the nature of the injury and what might be required in your unique situation.

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