Discovering that the people you trusted to care for your elderly family member have betrayed that trust can be a crushing experience. Your family deserves compensation from the negligent caretakers, and a Spokane nursing home neglect lawyer can help you obtain it.

If your loved one has been injured in a nursing home or his or her health has deteriorated and you feel that the home is to blame, call our office. Hiring a Spokane nursing home neglect lawyer is the first step to ensuring that your loved one is safe and properly cared for. Your injured family member may qualify for financial compensation due to the nursing home’s neglect.


Types of Nursing Home Neglect

There are many types of neglect, some of which are subtle and difficult to prove, while others are blatantly obvious. Your loved one could be the victim of nursing home neglect if any of the following elements are present:

  • Wrong Medication or Dosage – Medication errors are a common problem in nursing homes. They can lead to serious health conditions and even life-threatening situations. If your loved one’s health has started to deteriorate, this may be the cause.
  • Improper Nutrition – It is critical that the nursing home’s staff provide proper meals that meet the nutrition needs of the residents. If your loved one has specific dietary needs, they must be met. Signs of malnutrition should be watched for, including a sudden loss of weight or a pale and sunken appearance. If you notice any of these signs, call our office to speak with a Spokane nursing home neglect lawyer.
  • Inadequate Medical Care – Any time that your loved one has a medical concern, the nurse or doctor should be called. If the staff fails to do so and a serious health issue results, such as a cold turning into pneumonia, the staff could be at fault.
  • Improper Bathing and Bedside Care – Bedsores are a common problem in the immobile elderly. If your loved one is confined to a bed, the staff needs to both move them regularly and bathe him or her so that sores, rashes, and lesions do not develop.
  • Premises Liability Accidents – There have been instances of elderly patients suffering injuries due to a home being in disrepair, a transportation van not being safe, railings being loose, and other examples of poor upkeep. Since the nursing home is required to keep the premises in good condition, any accidents caused by disrepair would be their fault.

If you are suspicious of nursing home neglect but cannot prove it, call our office to speak with a Spokane nursing home neglect lawyer. We can often identify what is happening and will work to prove it once retained for your case.


Determining Fault in Nursing Home Neglect

With nursing home neglect, there could be several parties completely or partially responsible for your loved one’s injuries or deteriorating health. Listed below are just a few of the possibilities:

  • The owner of the facility
  • Nursing home staff
  • Medical staff on call at the nursing home
  • Contract employees


Calculating Damages for Nursing Home Abuse

Our firm has extensive experience valuing nursing home neglect claims and will ensure that every damage your loved one has suffered is taken into account. To do so, we need to understand how your elderly family member was injured and the impact that those injuries has had. This includes physical, financial, mental, and emotional repercussions.

When speaking with a Spokane nursing home neglect lawyer from our office, provide as many details as possible. A victim of abuse may be entitled to any of the following that apply:

  • Money for medical expenses
  • Cost of rehabilitation
  • Pain and suffering
  • Therapy to address any mental or emotional challenges
  • Expense of relocating to a new facility
  • Transportation and housing expenses for family help
  • Any other expenses or noneconomic damages related to the nursing home neglect


Gathering Evidence of Neglect and Abuse

Your Spokane nursing home neglect lawyer will investigate your family members claim and gather all of the necessary evidence and witness testimony. To do so, we will gather all of the following that are available:

  • Speaking with the victim’s doctor
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Viewing photographic and video evidence
  • Reviewing accident and incident reports


Your Role in a Nursing Home Neglect Case

If your loved one is mentally competent and does not have a power of attorney in place, you can schedule his or her appointment, but the victim will then need to retain us directly. If you do have power of attorney for the victim, you may be able to sue on his or her behalf. We can go over this with you in detail during your free consultation, or you can ask us questions over the phone.


Speak with a Spokane Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

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