Dog bites carry unique dangers for several reasons. For one, dogs have the potential to carry rabies. In fact, some dogs only bite because they are carrying the rabies virus. But it isn’t just rabies that makes dog bites so dangerous. Some dogs are bred for their unique fighting style, which includes methods of biting. In either case, the risks of lifelong repercussions after being bitten are quite realistic. In the state of Washington, owners are responsible for the actions of their pets, including dog bites. However, Spokane has its own additional laws on top of state and federal laws. Because of this, it can be beneficial for victims to rely on a Spokane dog bite lawyer to help them recover some of the expenses and damages that come with dog bite injuries.

Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service

Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service, or SCRAPS governs the conditions under which animals may be kept. They offer support and regulations so that animals can be safely housed. They also provide information so that those who own animals know what to do with them, including what to do after a dog bite. SCRAPS is well aware of the risk of rabies, which is why they made it a point to establish a procedure that dog owners must follow in the event of a dog bite. If a dog bites a person, it must be isolated for ten days so that it can be determined whether or not the animal has rabies. This helps the victim act accordingly, but it unfortunately takes place after someone has already been bitten.

Impounding the Dog After a Bite

There are several reasons that a dog might be impounded. For dogs who don’t have owners at all, there is a very real risk of being held in a shelter for extended periods of time. For dogs who don’t have an owner and who have bitten someone, their stay at the shelter is almost certainly bound to end with euthanasia. Either way, Spokane County has strict requirements for the actions taken against owners and dogs when it comes to a dog bite.

Insurance and Dog Bites

When a dog bites a person, the owner may be faced with a lawsuit from the victim. This lawsuit may be covered by homeowner’s insurance for those who have a provision under their policy. Those who don’t have this provision may be called upon to pay the fees themselves. In any event, dog bites should be taken seriously. You may not want to address your neighbor or risk the dog being punished for biting, but it’s important that the incident be handled correctly if for no other reason than to prevent another person—even a child—from being harmed.

Dog Owner Responsibility

Unless a dog suffers from a particular disorder that causes them to bite, dog biting is largely the fault of the owner. Lack of training the dog or lack of understanding the dog’s body language can cause an owner to be negligent when it comes to preventing dog bites. If a dog does bite someone, the owner is required to register the dog as a dangerous animal, keep it fenced in with a run adequate for its size, keep the dog muzzled, and always keep it restrained with a leash or some other restraining device.

Dog Bite Injuries

However, this doesn’t do anything to repair the damages that a victim faces. Injuries from dog bites can be severe and life altering, especially if a child is bitten. You also have to consider the emotional and psychological effects that can occur after a dog bite, which can be just as traumatic as the physical injuries. The experienced Spokane dog bite lawyers at Craig Swapp & Associates can help with the details in a dog bite accident and make sure you receive any compensation you deserve. Further, your actions may prevent another person from being bitten or harmed by the same dog in the future.

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