All states have laws that govern premises liability. This type of liability addresses the responsibilities that property owners have when people visit their property. Some of the laws and guidelines are governed by federal laws, but states, counties, and cities all have the ability to add to these laws so that they are tailored to meet not only federal requirements, but also their own unique local requirements as well. Though most property owners are aware of the laws that govern the responsibilities they have toward anyone who is on their property, they don’t always follow those laws. Sometimes the average citizen is unaware that they do have some recourse available. If you are injured on someone else’s property, a Spokane premises liability lawyer may be able to help you seek compensation.

Property Owner Responsibility

Property owners have a responsibility to keep their property in good repair. It should be safe for others to be active on within reason. For example, a roof should be solid enough to walk on but is not meant for things like jumping on or being used as a launching pad to jump from. This responsibility is the same for residential as well as commercial property, though some properties that allow people to explore without charging a fee have only limited liability for injuries or accidents. The responsibility for the costs of damages on someone else’s property usually falls on the property owner’s insurance policy. This makes it a bit easier when it comes to damages that might occur on a friend or loved one’s property.

Federal Liability Laws in Premises Liability

No one is immune from responsibility when it comes to damaging someone else’s property. This includes the federal government. The Federal Tort Claims Act allows individuals to recover the cost of damages from the federal government when it or one of its employees is responsible for damage to someone’s property. Most of the time this type of damage is due to negligence or accidental actions that happened to result in damage to someone’s property. While the laws are in place to protect citizens from paying for damages caused by federal employees, they aren’t always easy to navigate. In such instances, it’s helpful to have an experienced lawyer who can navigate these laws on your behalf.

Landlord Laws and Tenant Remedies

Spokane has a dense population, so it is no surprise that there are a lot of rental units within the city. This means that there are also a lot of landlords who have a responsibility to the residents of Spokane to provide safe dwellings. Landlords must keep their rental units safe for human habitation. Those which are not in good repair should not be rented out. When they are, the renters have tenant remedies available to recover some of the costs they accrued.

Other Property Owners and Liabilities

Aside from landlords and federal employees, there are plenty of other people who have a responsibility to maintain their property so that it is safe for others to use. Those who experience injuries on another’s property or those who suffer from damages on their own property due to someone else’s negligent or willful act might benefit from our experienced Spokane premises liability lawyers. Whether your injuries occur on your next door neighbor’s property or in the entryway to the grocery store, you shouldn’t have to suffer alone, especially if the accident was caused by someone else’s negligence. Our experience can be useful when it comes to navigating the multiple layers of laws as well as recovering the cost of damages and making sure you receive any compensation you deserve.

Craig Swapp & Associates Can Help You Seek Compensation

If you have been injured on someone else’s property, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries. The lawyers at Craig Swapp & Associates are experienced in premises liability and determined to ensure you move forward in the best way possible. You have too much to risk by attempting to manage the process alone or choosing the wrong lawyer. Make sure the right person is held responsible for their negligence. Contact our office online immediately or call 1-800-404-9000 for a free consultation so we can help.