Pedestrians face substantial risk of incurring serious damage if they are involved in a car accident. Their complete lack of any kind of external protection means that they may suffer serious injuries even if the accident did not involve high speeds. Washington insurance laws require that drivers carry liability insurance, but the laws don’t require that everyone carry personal injury protection—the protection used when a walker is involved in an accident. Because this is not required, individuals may have difficulty managing the costs of recovery if they are involved injured as a pedestrian. A pedestrian accident lawyer in Spokane can help to make sure you receive any compensation you deserve.


Pedestrian Responsibility in Accidents

Even walker have some responsibilities on the road. Their responsibilities are largely in place to protect them, but they can also protect drivers as well. Those who break the laws set by the Washington State Department of Transportation put themselves and others at risk. This is because one event can cause a chain reaction that can lead to a full-scale catastrophe. At the same time, drivers also have a responsibility to give walker a right-of-way or warning honk rather than hitting them. Pedestrian laws mostly dictate that they should cross where it is safe and not in a manner that would disrupt traffic. However, no matter how safe you are, you can’t do anything about negligent drivers or people on the road who aren’t paying attention.


Driver Right of Way and Pedestrians

Spokane is a busy city like others of its size. People are always in a rush to get to work, get home, pick up their children, and go about their daily lives. When drivers are in a hurry or are not paying attention, they might not see a person on the road. Although the law makes the right-of-way clear for walkers as well as for drivers, a smart driver will always be on the lookout for walkers and yield the right of way as an ethical choice. In fact, drivers may be held liable even if walkers are not crossing at a crosswalk or intersection.


Driver Fault in Pedestrian Accidents

Some states rely on no-fault laws to determine when a victim might recover costs from the person at fault. Washington is not one of those states. Instead, the person at fault is responsible for the damages, including in pedestrian accidents. In fact, this law is the reason that drivers must carry liability insurance. They can also carry insurance to cover their own damages, but they are liable for the damages to other people and property when they are at fault. This does not, however, guarantee that you will receive the compensation you need to cover your damages. In fact, if you are in an accident, you should also consider the effects it will have on you long term. Because of the severity of the injuries involved in this type of accident, you could be dealing with physical and psychological damage for the rest of your life.


Who Gets Compensated in Pedestrian Accidents?

In accidents where pedestrians survive, they and their loved ones might receive compensation. It depends on the extent of their injuries and what limits those injuries cause. However, not all walkers survive accidents. In those cases, loved ones or those who would benefit from the victim’s estate may be able to receive compensation for pain and suffering and wrongful death. A Spokane pedestrian accident attorney can offer more details depending on the specific situation.

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