When another driver’s speeding caused your motorcycle wreck, you need to be fully compensated for any injuries and damages you suffer. A Spokane speeding motorcycle accident lawyer will help you determine what your case is worth and how to prove it in court.

If you were in a motorcycle accident because another driver was speeding, get help from a Spokane speeding motorcycle accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates. It is critical that you have the best legal representation available to ensure that you are not taken advantage of by insurance companies and that your rights are protected.


Why Speeding Matters in Motorcycle Crashes

According to the World Health Organization, 30 percent of accidents in high-income countries such as the United States are caused by excessive speed. Because speeding is a choice made by the driver, if you were hit by someone who was speeding, it will be a clear example of how he or she was at fault and why you deserve to be compensated.

Speeding can be simply defined as either going over the posted speed limit or driving too fast for the current road conditions. For example, if the weather is bad and the visibility is poor, the speed limit may actually be too fast to drive safely.


Motorcycle Riders Need Legal Representation

Motorcycle riders tend to have an undeserved reputation for behaving recklessly on the road. This reputation is largely unfounded, but it can influence the outcome of a court case, especially when a jury is involved. You need an advocate on your side to demonstrate why the motorcycle crash was not your fault but was instead the result of the other driver’s speeding and negligent behavior.

The other party’s insurance company may contact you and try to have a conversation about the accident. Never give them a statement without speaking to us first. Their interests lie with protecting their clients and paying as little as possible for your injuries. With that in mind, they may try to use anything you say out of context and make it appear as though what happened were your fault.

In the end, your only advocate is your attorney.


Proving Negligence for a Speeding Accident

It is necessary to prove that the other driver was more at fault for your accident than you are. You can receive compensation for your injuries and damages as long as we can demonstrate that the majority of the fault lies with them. If they were speeding and we can prove it, it will become much easier to make a convincing argument for your compensation.

To prove negligence, we will review all available evidence:

  • Traffic Citations – If the other driver was issued a ticket for speeding, it becomes much easier to prove your case.
  • Eyewitness Testimony – Your passengers or bystanders could be excellent eyewitnesses, but we want to get their testimony while the accident is fresh in their mind.
  • Pictures and Video – Pictures taken by your phone or by speed cameras can be useful when building a case.
  • Depositions – We may also conduct depositions to ask the other driver questions while he or she is under oath.


Valuing Your Motorcycle Wreck Claim

Our goal is to help you receive as much compensation as possible for your accident and injury. To do so, we will evaluate all of the ways that your accident has influenced your life:

  • Money you have spent on medical bills, as well as what you will spend in the future
  • Lost wages
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Cost of a new bike or alternative transportation
  • Caregiver assistance
  • And more

Once we have properly valued your claim, we can prepare a demand letter and send it to the other side’s attorney.


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