Dangerous road conditions are far more hazardous to motorcyclists than they are to other drivers. Because motorcycles only have one set of wheels and depend on the rider for balance, hitting a pothole, uneven lane, or something similar can result in disaster. Road construction, while intending to fix these problems, can actually make them worse while still in progress—particularly if the construction crew was negligent in securing their site.

If roadwork led to your motorcycle wreck, you might have grounds for an injury claim against the construction company or the government agency responsible for the road. A Spokane road construction motorcycle accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can help you investigate what happened and determine how strong your case is and what it might be worth.


Roadwork Can Be Dangerous to Bikers

There are a number of ways that road construction can lead to a motorcycle crash. In fact, roadwork sites can represent a veritable obstacle course for bikers. The most obvious is the damage done to the road itself during the course of the construction. This can take the form of unpaved roads, loose gravel, debris, potholes, and much more.

Sometimes a collision can be caused directly by the construction workers. A traffic flagger might not be paying close enough attention and direct you incorrectly. Perhaps detour signs were missing or that the signage was inadequate in some other way.

In the worst accidents, equipment and heavy machinery involved in the roadwork might be involved. Whether a crane dropped its load, a forklift drove out onto the roadway, or something similar, these can be disastrous scenarios for bikers that lead to serious injuries.


Who’s Responsible When Road Construction Causes a Motorcycle Crash?

Just like with other traffic accidents, fault isn’t always clear-cut in these cases. In many, the construction company will bear some portion of the fault. However, it’s also possible that the entity who contracted the roadwork will be partially responsible. This is often a government agency that’s in charge of the road maintenance, which means that special considerations and reduced time frames will apply, so you’ll need to move quickly.

In other crashes, another driver might have been responsible for hitting your motorcycle. For example, if a driver was distracted by his or her cell phone while travelling through the construction site, it could easily lead to a collision.


Connect with a Spokane Roadwork Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Don’t take chances with your motorcycle crash case. It’s not easy to get full compensation for a motorcycle accident—even when the other party admits fault. The insurance company is all but certain to lowball your offer, hoping to get you to settle for far less than what you deserve.

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