Were you in a motorcycle accident where your right-of-way was violated? It is surprisingly common for passenger cars and commercial vehicles to make a left-turn into a motorcycle due to a number of negligent driving behaviors, especially distracted driving.

If this has happened to you, call Craig Swapp & Associates and speak with a Spokane motorcycle left-turn collision lawyer. The responsible party owes you compensation for what you’ve been through, and we can help you get it.


Motorcycles vs. Cars and Trucks

Being involved in a crash on a motorcycle is more likely to produce an injury than if you were riding in a car or truck. For example, the Insurance Information Institute reported that a motorcyclist has a twenty-seven times greater chance of being killed in an accident. Bikers are also five times more likely to be injured in a wreck.

In other words, if you are riding next to a car that suddenly turns into you, the chance of sustaining serious injuries is very high.


Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Crash

After you’ve been hurt in an accident, it is important to collect and preserve evidence. You should always call the police and file an accident report, take pictures if possible, and record the contact information of any witnesses that observed what happened.

Even if it is now after the fact, some of that evidence may still be possible to obtain—such as pictures of the road where the accident took place.


Proving Fault for a Left-Turn Collision

Our job is to gather the appropriate evidence so that we can build a strong case and prove the negligence of the other driver. If that driver made a left-turn into your lane, you may think that it is a cut-and-dry case, but this is not necessarily true. We must thoroughly prove what happened with convincing evidence.

It is wise to assume that the other driver will claim innocence even when it was clearly his or her fault. In this case, it may become necessary to go to court, and we will be prepared to do so.


Common Injuries from Sideswipes and Left-Turn Collisions

Since left-turn accidents typically happen with significant force, it is common for bikes to flip and for riders to be thrown. The resulting injuries can cover a wide range of severity:


Compensation for Your Motorcycle Wreck

To ensure that you get as much money as possible for your injuries and damages, we will speak with your doctor to find out if you are expected to make a full recovery and when. This is critical because we need to calculate what your future medical expenses may be and how long you are going to be off work.

Many accident victims leave money on the table because they only calculate their current expenses instead of projecting into the future. In addition, you can be compensated for noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering and a decreased quality of life.


When to Settle

Once we have valued your claim, the negotiation process can begin. If the other side is willing to make a fair settlement offer, there may be no need to go to court. However, if they refuse to pay what your claim is truly worth, accepting their offer will not be a wise option.

We will advise you appropriately, and if going to court is within your best interests, you can depend on us to provide you with strong representation.


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