Emotional trauma can change your life for the worse just as thoroughly as any other injury. Find out if you have a case for compensation by consulting with a Spokane motorcycle accident PTSD lawyer.

While any traffic accident can be a frightening event to live through, motorcycle crashes are particularly traumatizing. Being exposed to the full brunt of the accident means that the motorcyclist will have to experience the violence and chaos up close and personal. It’s no surprise that many crash victims later develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a direct result of what they lived through.

If you suffer from emotional trauma that originated with a motorcycle wreck and someone else was at fault, you don’t have to suffer without justice. The impact your PTSD has had on your life should be compensated, and you deserve the treatment you need to put the trauma behind you. A Spokane motorcycle accident PTSD lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can help you determine what your claim could be worth and how to get it.


Dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD might not be physically visible, but it can negatively affect your life just as thoroughly as any other injury—sometimes even more so. After a motorcycle accident, you might be afraid to get behind the wheel of a vehicle again, or even to ride as a passenger. This can make getting to and from work incredibly problematic and cost you in wages and income.

Any noises or surroundings that remind you of the events that led to the accident might trigger your PTSD, causing you to flash back to the accident and relive the event all over again. This isn’t just traumatizing; it can happen at the worst times possible. This can strain your personal relationships and prevent you from engaging in the activities you once enjoyed, such as riding your motorbike on a weekend afternoon.


Seeking Financial Damages for Your PTSD and Motorcycle Crash

When someone else caused your motorcycle wreck, you shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of your PTSD uncompensated. A personal injury lawsuit could allow you to recover damages for the expenses and losses that your accident and emotional trauma have incurred.

The insurance won’t be interested in paying you any more than they absolutely have to, so it’s important to understand that you should be compensated for more than just your obvious medical bills and lost wages. Every single financial expense you suffer deserves to be factored into your settlement, including the following:

  • Property damage
  • Cost of emotional therapy
  • Training and education expenses if your PTSD will necessitate a career change
  • Transportation expenses
  • Over-the-counter and prescription medication


Noneconomic Damages Caused by Emotional Trauma

Your motorcycle wreck noneconomic damages also need to be included in your settlement. With PTSD and other emotional trauma, these losses most often take the form of pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and decreased quality of life.


Contact a Spokane Motorcycle Wreck Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Attorney

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