When motorcycle crashes occur, it’s often because the driver of a car or other vehicle failed to see the motorcyclist. Because motorcycles are so much smaller, drivers either don’t tend to be on the lookout for them or misjudge how far or close they are. This problem becomes even more pronounced when distracted driving is involved.

When drivers are focused on their cell phone, their breakfast, or virtually anything else, the odds increase dramatically that they’ll fail to take note of a biker near them. If you’ve been hurt in a wreck under these circumstances, you deserve to be compensated by the distracted driver who hurt you. A Spokane distracted driving motorcycle accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can help you get the compensation you’re entitled to.


Proving the Other Driver’s Distraction

Central to your case will be proving the other driver’s distraction. Depending on what it was, this can be fairly straightforward or incredibly difficult. A distraction that leaves physical evidence or a record behind can be much easier to prove. Regardless, our firm has substantial experience conducting these investigations, and we can locate all of the available evidence to prove the distraction:

  • Cell Phone Use – Records and logs requested from the service provider
  • Eating – Food, containers, and wrappers found in the vehicle
  • Pets – Animal not confined to a crate or kennel
  • Passengers – Deposition to ask questions while under oath


Full Compensation for Your Damages and Losses

Even if the other driver’s distraction is flagrantly obvious, you can’t count on the insurance company to provide you with a comprehensive settlement. Even when they aren’t trying to blame you for the motorcycle wreck, they won’t be interested in paying you more than they absolutely have to. This means that you need to know what your claim is worth independent of what they say its value is.

Your settlement should include all of your financial losses, as well as compensation for how your life has been negatively affected. You also need to ensure that your future needs are also accounted for and not just your current damages.

These are some of the damages that you should expect to be compensated for when they apply to your case:

  • Medical expenses for treatments, checkups, medications, and equipment
  • Lost income and reduced future earning potential
  • Motorcycle repair or replacement
  • Renovations made to your home to accommodate a new disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost enjoyment of life


Contact a Spokane Cell Phone Motorcycle Crash Attorney

At Craig Swapp & Associates, we believe in delivering the results that accident victims require in order to successfully move on. We won’t be satisfied with a settlement offer produced by the insurer unless it fully covers all of your losses and expenses. Distracted driving isn’t always easy to prove, but we can build the compelling case you need to get the compensation you’re entitled to.

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