When a construction injury is caused by a falling object, the injuries can easily be life-changing. Find out what your options for compensation are by contacting a Spokane construction falling object injury lawyer.

In 2015, more than seven thousand accidents involving falling objects occurred on worksites, making this one of the most common construction accident types. Depending on the object that fell and how long of a drop it was, these incidents can easily result in serious injuries.

If you were harmed after being hit by a falling object, you might be able to seek better compensation than what work comp provides. Your accident must meet certain criteria, however, so we encourage you to call our office and speak with a Spokane construction falling object injury lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates.


Common Falling Object Accidents

Working on a construction site means that you’re faced with numerous opportunities for being hit by a falling object nearly every day. Common accidents include all of the following:

  • Being hit by tools dropped from overhead
  • Falling scaffolding
  • Wood, bricks, and other heavy materials falling from heights
  • Objects breaking at taller heights
  • Being hit by a person who has fallen

It is your employer’s duty to take steps to prevent any object from falling and hitting you. Normally, employers cannot be sued and injured workers must settle for work comp. However, if your employer either doesn’t have work comp insurance or intentionally put you in danger, it becomes possible to file a personal injury lawsuit.


Injuries Caused by Falling Objects

Even when protective equipment like hard hats are worn, a falling object can inflict serious damage on unsuspecting victims below:


Defective Safety Gear

Aside from your employer, a third party such as a safety equipment manufacturer could also be at fault. If your safety gear malfunctioned and it led to your injury, you can sue them directly. For example, if you wore a helmet that failed to protect you from a falling object, the headgear could have been faulty, and this could lead to grounds for a product liability lawsuit.


Workers Compensation vs. Personal Injury

Filing a workers compensation claim is very different from filing a personal injury suit. The first is done through an administrative process, so once your claim is filed your benefits should kick in almost immediately. You should receive a portion of your wages and have all of your medical bills paid for.

Workers comp benefits are an important tool for staying afloat while you determine if you have legal standing to proceed with a lawsuit. However, since work comp only pays for a portion of your lost wages, it can be difficult to subsist on the reduced income.

When you file a civil lawsuit, you can seek compensation for all of your lost wages, in addition to other accident-related expenses and losses. You can also seek compensation for pain and suffering and lost enjoyment of life. You might even be awarded punitive damages if the at-fault party acted with malice or egregious negligence.


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