Statistics can provide an enormous amount of data about an area. This is especially true when you compare the numbers to those in other cities, states, or even the rest of the country. Spokane car accident statistics can be helpful in providing information that enables city officials to know what laws need to be focused on and even what structural changes in the roadways might be helpful in reducing those numbers. These statistics also help insurance companies see the areas that are most at risk and make adjustments to policies based on that information. For example, this may be why drivers who have similar histories experience different rates depending on where they live or have to travel on a regular basis.

2014 Car Accident Statistics in Spokane

Not all statistics can be based on the current year. It can take a while to compile data and make sure that it is accurate, so they usually fall a year or two behind the current year. In some cases, there is an even bigger gap just because there is more data to deal with and compile. With that being said, examining the statistics from 2014 for Spokane can be very revealing.

In 2014, there were six deaths because of fatal car accidents. A total of thirteen people were involved in those car accidents, so at least seven people must live with the memories and mental health issues that develop after being in such a situation. Of all the people who died, three of them were pedestrians. In many cities, Friday and Saturday nights are the most common times for fatal accidents. In Spokane, the most common times for fatal accidents are Sunday afternoons and evenings in May.

2011 Spokane County Accidents

Spokane County makes up a decent-sized portion of Washington state, so it is no surprise that the numbers from Spokane County also make up a good portion of the numbers for Washington state. In 2011, there were eleven fatalities as the result of car accidents, with fifty-one of the accidents resulting in serious injuries. A total of 3,313 accidents took place on city streets. Out of all the accidents in Spokane County, 2,060 of them resulted in property damage only rather than death or serious injury. Even though there were no deaths or injuries in these cases, this is still a high number of accidents resulting in property damage, especially if they were caused by someone else’s negligence.

2011 Washington Car Accidents

When comparing cities to states, it can be said that Spokane experiences relatively few fatal accidents. In 2011, Washington state had a total of 42, 621 accidents. Of those accidents, 1,214 of them resulted in fatalities. Even though one might assume that most accidents take place in high-speed areas like interstates or highways, the truth is that most accidents in Washington take place right on the city streets.

Of all the Spokane car accident statistics, the fatalities are the most disheartening. Many of them could have been prevented if drivers were not distracted or were following traffic laws. One of the only things that might bring comfort to loved ones or injured parties is the fact that Washington is an at-fault state, so those who are at fault for the accident must carry the financial responsibility for it rather than the victims managing these expenses on their own.

Seeking a Car Accident Attorney

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