Losing one’s temper is no excuse for causing a car crash. Road rage can be incredibly dangerous, and if you were hit as the result of someone else’s aggressive driving, you should speak with a Spokane road rage car accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates immediately.

Road rage accident cases must be handled carefully. If the person who hit you suffers from violent tendencies, we may need to take steps to protect you while simultaneously ensuring that your legal rights are protected. Our office will help you with these matters should they become necessary.


Accidents Caused by Road Rage

Road rage car accidents tend to occur when someone loses control of his or her temper and purposefully tries to hurt other drivers. As a result, it is common to see rear-end collisions and sideswipe accidents when aggressive driving is involved. In the worst cases, rollovers and hit-and-runs might be the result.


Aggressive Driving: the Crime

In Washington State, road rage is actually a crime. According to the Washington State Patrol, it constitutes assault with a motor vehicle. This means that if an officer believes the other driver’s road rage caused your car wreck, the driver may actually be charged with a crime.

Should the other driver be found guilty in criminal court, it’s possible that the verdict may be able to be used as evidence in your civil lawsuit. If so, a guilty verdict will go a long way toward helping your case for financial compensation.


Filing a Police Report

Any time you are a victim of road rage or aggressive driving, you need to call the police to the accident scene. They will come out, investigate the situation, and decide whether to issue a ticket.

If it is clear that the other driver was indeed driving aggressively, several tickets may be issued. This is important because we can use these tickets as evidence to prove that the aggressive driver was to blame for your accident and injuries.


Seeking Monetary Compensation

You have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against the party responsible for your injuries. You have three years to do so, beginning from the date of the accident—but we strongly encourage you not to wait that long as evidence and witness testimony are easiest to collect while still fresh.

We can help you maximize the value of your claim by analyzing all of the ways that your injuries have impacted your life:

  • Wages you have lost by being unable to work
  • Your medical bills and future medical bills
  • Cost of physical therapy and massage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Impact of post-traumatic stress disorder and other emotional trauma on your life
  • Expenses associated with repairing or replacing your vehicle
  • And more

Our goal is to leave nothing on the table so that you can receive the maximum financial benefit possible for your injury claim.


Consult a Spokane Aggressive Driving Car Crash Lawyer

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