Pokémon Go is the hit augmented reality game of 2016 and is one of the first virtual games to take players outdoors, making players interact with the outside world. Players must roam about in search of various GPS locations on their smartphones instead of playing indoors like traditional video games. The first of its kind, Pokémon Go has become an obsession across the globe.

Although the game is fun and exciting for enthusiasts, there are dangers that accompany its use. Driving while playing has already caused many accidents and injuries in the United States, as well as in other parts of the world. Distracted driving, already a serious problem, is now on the rise as players become addicted to this new mobile app.

If you were injured by a distracted driver who was playing Pokémon Go, a Spokane Pokémon Go accident lawyer can help you with the complex legal matters surrounding the accident.


Risks of Pokémon Go and the Real World

Drivers create an enormous risk for serious and deadly accidents when engaging in distracting activities while behind the wheel of a car. Players who immerse themselves in the Pokémon Go virtual world while driving a motor vehicle put everyone on the road with them in danger—not just themselves.

Driving distracted by Pokémon Go or anything else leaves drivers unable to quickly react to road conditions and the traffic around them. When an accident happens, the distracted driver is almost certain to be found at fault.

Because of the nature of smartphones and how they log many of the user’s activities, proving that a driver was playing the app at the time of your accident may be a very real possibility. If you think the other driver was distracted by cell phone use, make certain to point this out to the officer who files the accident report. With our help, it may be possible to obtain evidence of the other driver’s distracted driving.


Types of Pokémon Go Car Accidents

As a result of Pokémon Go’s popularity, police departments across America are reminding drivers to put their devices away while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Sadly, many drivers choose to ignore these warnings—some of which come from the app itself.

Injuries and deaths involving Pokémon Go and distracted driving have already been documented in a number of different accident types:

  • Single-car accidents
  • Multiple-vehicle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • DUI Accidents


Distracted Driving Accidents and Financial Compensation

Being hurt by a distracted driver is bad enough, but getting injured because someone was playing Pokémon Go or some other mobile game can be truly infuriating. You deserve to be compensated for the injuries and damages you’ve endured when the poor decision of another was to blame for what happened.

Medical bills, lost wages and income, the cost of therapy, pain and suffering—whatever expenses and damages you’ve suffered as a result of your accident should be compensated by the at-fault driver. A Spokane car accident lawyer from our office can handle these affairs for you while you focus on your recovery.


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