If multiple drivers were involved in your collision, that means multiple insurance companies will be, too—and they’ll all be eager to minimize their financial liability. Make certain you get the settlement you deserve by working with a Spokane multiple-vehicle accident lawyer.

When more than one vehicle is involved in a traffic accident, it can become difficult to determine who was at fault. Without proving negligence, it is unlikely that you will receive compensation. This makes it wise to hire a Spokane multiple-vehicle accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates to investigate the pileup and represent you in both negotiations and court.


Steps to Take After a Multiple-Car Accident

Multi-car accidents are complicated because we need to determine both who was involved and how much responsibility each driver had for the wreck. To make it easier to sort things out, be sure to do all of the following:

  • File an Accident Report The police should be on hand, but you need to be sure to ask for a copy of the report they file.
  • Gather Contact Information – You need the information for every involved driver—not just the one who hit you.
  • Take Pictures – The more photographs you have of the scene, the better. Pictures and video will help us sort out what happened.
  • Go to the Doctor – You need to be carefully examined and diagnosed by a physician. Doing this immediately after the crash is critical for proving you were hurt in the accident and not somewhere else.


Document Everything

When you get to a safe place, write down everything that happened. Car accidents are traumatic, and shock can make it difficult to remember what happened, who was involved, what the environment was, and more. Grab a pen and paper to document every detail you remember, including the following:

  • What road you were on
  • The direction you were going
  • Signs, street lights, and similar factors
  • Road conditions (wet, potholes, etc.)
  • Vehicles involved
  • Anything said by the other drivers
  • What you were doing at the time of the accident and what you saw others doing
  • The impact to your vehicle and the direction it came from

By reviewing the accident report, pictures, and your notes, we can determine the role that each driver played in the crash and what percentage of negligence to assign to each driver.


Determine Who to Sue

We may need to sue several parties to get you the compensation that you deserve. This is particularly true when several cars are involved in a pileup.

There is also the possibility that another entity was responsible for causing the accident:

  • Car Manufacturer – If one of the vehicles malfunctioned, the manufacturer could be to blame.
  • Government Entity – When the road conditions are unsafe due to lack of maintenance, the government entity responsible could be sued.
  • Construction Company – If the accident was in a construction zone and caused by the site’s poor conditions, bad visibility, or improper signage, the crew could be to blame.


Get More Money for Your Crash Injuries

Be careful not to settle too quickly. It is common for insurance companies to make lowball offers at the outset. As your attorneys, we can negotiate with them on your behalf, and if they don’t increase the offer, we can go to court to get more money from a jury-rendered verdict.


Consult with a Spokane Multiple-Car Accident Lawyer

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