Defective parts or tires can easily malfunction and cause a crash. If you’ve been injured in this way, get compensated for your losses by working with a Spokane defective part car accident lawyer.

Automobiles are obviously one of the greatest inventions of our time; however, they don’t come without their share of headaches. Maintenance and upkeep on a vehicle is vital for its operation, but sometimes that isn’t enough.

Even if you take your vehicle in regularly, per the owner’s manual, there is a chance that you may have a defective part on the car. What’s worse is when that defective part causes you to get into an accident. Then what do you do?

A defective car part or tire isn’t your fault, so it’s imperative that you find out who is at fault. The best way to do that is to hire an experienced Spokane defective part car accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates.  Your attorney will investigate the cause of the defective part and move forward with your claim.


Who’s Responsible for a Defective Auto Part or Tire?

A part may be defective for any number of reasons, but who is responsible for that defective part being put on your vehicle? Here we’ll discuss the two most common parties at fault in these types of crash cases.


Car Part Manufacturers

No matter what part of the vehicle we’re talking about, someone had to have made it. Auto parts manufacturers have a duty to make quality parts and ensure that they are properly tested before being installed on a vehicle or sold to consumers.

The process is very lengthy and involves many steps. Let’s say that a step was skipped or completely disregarded. Your Spokane defective part car accident lawyer will investigate the automotive part manufacturer and all persons involved to see whom the blame falls on. This investigation can take time and is only part one of your claim.


Automotive Technicians

The second potential party at fault is the technician or shop that installed the defective part on your vehicle. Just like the manufacturers, automotive shops have protocols they are supposed to follow when installing parts. In fact, reputable shops offer warranties to back up their work.

Because there are so many things going on in an auto shop at any given time, it isn’t completely off the wall to assume a step may have been missed and that the technician installed a faulty part. What’s worse is if the tech knew the part was faulty and installed it anyway.

Regardless of the circumstances, your attorney will discover the parties at fault and will move on to valuing your injury claim.


Compensation for Crash Injuries

It’s never easy to say how much money you may be eligible to receive because there are many factors that need to be assessed and valued. These factors will be unique to your case and can include medical bills, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other financial expenses and quality-of-life issues caused by the wreck.


Contact a Spokane Auto Wreck Attorney

When an accident has occurred as a result of a defective part placed on your vehicle, the responsible parties should compensate you. Hire a Spokane defective part car accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates to investigate your claim and handle the negotiations on your behalf.

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