Getting injured in an accident can lead to a significant increase in medical bills and expenses while also causing you to miss time from work. This is a catastrophic combination that can lead to devastating financial circumstances, unless you also receive money from the at-fault party to cover these unforeseen expenses.

This makes it critical that you receive as much as possible for your accident claim. Craig Swapp & Associates can perform a full assessment of your claim’s value, allowing you to rest easy knowing that the settlement amount you receive is comprehensive.


Injury Type Impacts Claim Value

When valuing an injury claim, it’s important to determine the exact nature of your injuries. The type of injury you suffered, its extent, and how long your recovery will take will greatly influence what your claim is worth. Since catastrophic injuries will have a greater impact on your health and lifestyle, you will be eligible for a substantial amount of compensation if you suffer any of the following injuries:

Severe injuries that take time to recover from should also be compensated in full:

Since the type of injury dictates if you will recover, how long it will take, and what your expenses will be, we will work closely with your doctor to gain a true understanding of your health.


Direct Financial Losses

We will uncover all of your direct expenses, including medical bills, rehab and therapy, medication, lost income, and transportation. Keep track of any bills received so that we can include them when valuing your claim.

Many people make the mistake of settling their claim without calculating what their future medical expenses will be. This is a mistake because you cannot go back and ask for more money after accepting a settlement offer.


Non-Economic Damages

You can receive money for lost quality of life, as well. This means that if you cannot do all of the things you were previously capable of, such as exercise, play with your children, or boating, you could receive money to compensate for this.

Your pain and suffering should also be compensated, as well as any emotional distress and damage done to your marriage and personal relationships.

Finally, if the at-fault party was egregiously negligent or harmed you intentionally, you might also receive punitive damages as a means to punish him or her.


Discover Your Crash Claim’s Value

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