Drunk driving remains among the most significant dangers on our streets and highways. Each year, millions of people are injured and killed by motorists who made the poor decision to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle while intoxicated or impaired.

One person’s poor judgment can change your life for the worse forever. Drunk driving accidents often result in tremendous injuries for those involved. Medical bills, emotional trauma, and other damages tend to follow in the wake of these accidents. The unfortunate truth is that victims don’t just face the challenge of recovery, but also of figuring out how to proceed with covering all of the resulting expenses.

If you were injured in a drunk driving car accident, a Spokane DUI accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can alleviate your burden by evaluating your case and determining the best way to proceed. We can help you receive the compensation owed to you by the drunk driver who hurt you.


Washington State DUI Driving Statistics

Although there are laws in place to prevent drivers from driving under the influence in Spokane, drunk driving is sadly an everyday occurrence. Car accident statistics involving impaired drivers from the Washington State Department of Transportation in 2014 include all of the following:

  • In Washington State, a drunk driver kills a person every two days
  • Half of all traffic fatalities involved a drunk driver
  • There were 216 fatalities related to drugs or alcohol (BAC for the driver greater than .08 percent)
  • There were 306 serious injuries that resulted from drug or alcohol impairment


According to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, blood samples from 1,773 drivers involved in deadly crashes from 2010–2014 were tested for both alcohol and drugs, and the results proved that nearly 60 percent (1,061) were positive for alcohol or drugs.

Unfortunately, drunk drivers often cause accidents that result in a wrongful death. When a loved one is killed in a DUI accident, it is possible to hold the driver accountable through a wrongful death lawsuit.


Compensation After a Spokane DUI Car Accident

Because drunk drivers are unable to react quickly, victims of DUI accidents often suffer dramatic injuries in addition to damage to their own vehicle. These accidents can leave you emotionally traumatized and facing significant debt. Fortunately, we can help you recover your expenses from the negligent drunk driver who caused your accident.

Your financial settlement should include compensation for all of the expenses and damages you have suffered as a result of your DUI accident:

  • Medical bills and related expenses
  • Therapy for physical rehabilitation or emotional trauma
  • Lost wages and income due to time off from work
  • Vehicle repair or replacement
  • Pain and suffering


How Can a Spokane DUI Accident Lawyer Help?

At Craig Swapp & Associates, we have extensive experience helping clients recover damages in personal injury lawsuits against drunk drivers. Drunk driving is an act of gross negligence, and the individual who hit you should compensate you for what you’ve endured as a result of your DUI accident.

Having successfully obtained financial compensation for clients in numerous drunk driving cases, a Spokane DUI accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates will have the legal knowledge, insight, and skill to guide your case to a successful conclusion. Contact us today for a free case evaluation by either calling 1-800-404-9000 or submitting the form below. Get your questions answered today.