Truck accidents are serious, and you deserve to be compensated when you’ve been hit. Call a Shoreline truck crash lawyer for help getting your compensation.

Many people get a little nervous when they see an 18-wheeler on the road. After all, these trucks might be carrying dangerous cargo, and stopping quickly without jackknifing isn’t easy. Unfortunately, this means that plenty of people are badly injured in truck accidents every year. You may be one of them.

A serious crash can leave you struggling to overcome your bills and your pain. Worse—your injury wasn’t your fault, but you’re paying for it. You need compensation for your suffering, and a Shoreline truck accident lawyer can help.

At Craig Swapp & Associates, we understand how much you’ve been through. We can help you prepare a successful injury claim and get what you need to recover. To get started, all it takes is one call—that’s all.

Truck Accident Damages Are Serious

Semi-trucks cause some of the deadliest crashes, which means that you’re likely suffering more than a person injured in a car accident would be. As mentioned, jackknifing, an inability to stop quickly, and potentially hazardous materials all make it much more likely that you’ll be seriously injured if you’re involved in a Shoreline truck accident.

That means you’ll need to pay attention to your compensation to make sure you get the funds you need to recover from such a traumatic event. After all, you’re not just suffering from extreme injuries like internal bleeding and spinal injuries. You’re also dealing with mental trauma that could lead to conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

When you’re preparing your claim for compensation, consider some of the following damages you might have suffered:

  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Mental trauma
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages

Who Is Responsible for Your Shoreline Truck Collision?

Once you know what your claim is worth, you’ll also need to figure out who’s responsible for compensating you. Unfortunately, truck accidents can be a little more complicated than other accident types because truckers are not typical drivers.

Those who drive as part of their job are at work on the road, meaning that their employer may be partially responsible for their actions. This is known as employer liability, and it means that, while the truck driver is the logical choice to cover your expenses, he or she may not be the only person to hold accountable.

If you’re not sure who the driver’s employer might be, a truck accident lawyer in Shoreline can help. It may take some research to pinpoint the person responsible, but an attorney can make sure you have the right parties listed as the defendants for your case.

Reach Out to a Shoreline Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

While semi-trucks may be necessary to haul cargo, they can put you in more danger than any other vehicle on the road. When that danger results in injuries, you need compensation, but your injuries might be overwhelming and difficult to overcome as you file a personal injury claim.

When you’re in such a difficult position, you may need a lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates. Our attorneys can review your claim and help you build a successful case. From your free consultation to the final ruling, we can help you through every step of your claim.

For more information, contact a Shoreline truck accident lawyer. Call us at 1-800-404-9000 or complete the online contact form at the bottom of the page.

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