When you’re injured by someone else’s negligence, you’ll have the opportunity to bring a civil claim against them to secure compensation for your losses. Recovering from an injury is costly, whether you were struck by another driver, for example, or you slipped and fell in a store.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to calculate the true and full value of your injuries without help from a lawyer. You need compensation, but what are economic damages in Washington?

At Craig Swapp & Associates, we understand how difficult your recovery can be without help quantifying all of the ways your life has been impacted by the accident. You’ll need someone with the tools and resources to recover the funds you need, so reach out today for help calculating your damages.

Damages After an Injury Accident

Economic damages typically cover the costs of your financial losses. When you’re in an accident, chances are good that you’ll suffer a variety of losses that come with a price tag. You might be dealing with hospital bills, a totaled vehicle, or an inability to work for some time during recovery. All these losses should be calculated and repaid to you.

Fortunately, these are also a little easier to calculate than other types of damages. You’ll simply need to compile the bills and add the total amounts. If you’ve suffered economic damages, but you’re not sure what to include, start with the following list:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Household services
  • Cost of replacement or repair
  • Loss of use of property

Ongoing Expenses

Unfortunately, not all of your damages stop after the day of the accident. You’re still hurt, for example, and you’re still dealing with the bills that keep accumulating. As such, your compensation shouldn’t stop after your initial injuries.

For example, you might need additional  surgery in the future because of your accident. Otherwise, you might have ongoing physical therapy, mental health treatment or rehabilitation to help you manage your injuries and eventually return to life as it was before the accident. Both types of damages should be included in your compensation.

Maybe you have recovered, but you’re still unable to work. You might be unable to work for months after your accident, depending on the type and severity of your injuries. You should also be compensated for any lost wages and future wages.

Get Help Calculating Your Damages

Accidents can leave you struggling with debt. Those debts wouldn’t have happened if someone else wasn’t so careless with your safety, so you shouldn’t have be burdened with them. This leaves you with questions: What is your injury claim worth? What are economic damages in Washington?

If you’re struggling with your compensation, seek out an attorney from Craig Swapp & Associates. You’ll need help finding the full value of your claim, and we can help. Start today with a free consultation, and we’ll discuss what these damages are and what you can do to receive maximum compensation for your suffering.

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