Aviation accidents are often caused by someone’s carelessness. Recover the compensation you deserve by contacting a Seattle plane crash attorney from Craig Swapp & Associates.

Plane crashes are rare, thankfully, but when they do happen, the results are often devastating for victims and their family members. If you do survive an aviation accident, you are likely to have substantial injuries. And attempting to recover damages after a serious plane crash isn’t easy.

It requires extensive investigation experience. A knowledgeable Seattle plane crash lawyer can help you discover who was responsible for the accident that injured you. Contact an aviation attorney with our firm today, so we can get started on your personal injury claim right away.

What Caused Your Seattle Aviation Accident?

As with other types of crashes, many factors could be involved in your plane crash. Understanding which of these factors caused your plane crash, and determining whether negligence was involved, is what your aviation attorney must do.

To hold the responsible party accountable for your injuries, or the wrongful death of your loved one, you must file a personal injury claim. What are some of the common reasons for aviation accidents in Seattle, Washington?

  • Pilot Error – This includes overcorrection, miscalculation, miscommunication, and more. The pilot would most likely be to blame in this instance.
  • Mechanical Failure If a mechanical issue is not addressed because of negligence, the plane or helicopter can go down. A mechanic or the employer could be liable in this situation.
  • Air Traffic Controller Error – Just like the pilot, the air traffic controller is human. He or she can make errors that lead to an aviation accident. The responsibility would rest with the air traffic controller in this case.

Many other factors could be responsible for a plane crash. These include maintenance issues, the crew, substance abuse, mental health issues, and faulty manufacturing. No matter what the cause of your plane crash was, you deserve justice and fair compensation.

Plane Crash Compensation in Seattle

The damages suffered by victims—or the family members of victims—harmed in a Seattle aviation accident are bound to be enormous. Plane crashes can cause serious injuries that require extensive medical treatment and time off work. In some cases, those injured in an aviation accident may be permanently disabled.

Here’s a list of damages you can request compensation for after a plane crash, depending on the circumstances surrounding your case:

Talk to a Seattle Plane Crash Attorney

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