Have you suffered an electrical injury due to a property hazard, defective product, or other source? A Seattle electrocution attorney can help you file a claim for compensation.

It’s estimated that around fifty people are killed each year in the United States due to electrocution from consumer products. A great many more people than that are injured by electrical shocks from various sources.

Most of these electrical accidents could have been prevented if proper design, manufacturing, and care had gone into the creation of electrical products or property owners had quickly addressed any electrical issues on their property.

If you’ve been injured by an electrical shock, you deserve compensation for your experience. A Seattle electrocution lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can aggressively pursue compensation on your behalf by filing a personal injury claim against the negligent party.

Who Might Be Responsible for Your Electrical Injury in Seattle

When you’ve been injured by an electrical hazard, it may be difficult to determine who is responsible. To give you an idea of how difficult investigating an electrical burn case would be, here’s an example:

Imagine that you’re visiting your friend’s home when you experience an electric shock from a kitchen appliance. Your friend hasn’t had any issues with the appliance before, so who would be to blame for your injury and damages? Would it be your friend, the electrician who installed the appliance, or the manufacturer of the appliance?

Your attorney will need to investigate your accident to determine who was responsible. It could be any of the above, or it could be that more than one party is responsible for your electrocution.

Here are a few more parties that could be responsible for electrical injuries caused by property hazards and defective products:

  • The manufacturer of the product
  • The homeowner or business owner who ignored a dangerous electrical hazard
  • An electrician or builder who installed faulty wiring
  • A construction company
  • The government

Recovering Your Losses After Being Electrocuted in Seattle

Your injury has cost you greatly. The risk to your health is enough reason to file an injury claim against a negligent party, but you’ve probably suffered other financial and non-financial losses, as well. Below is an idea of damages frequently requested in Seattle electrocution cases:

  • Medical costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of your quality of life
  • Missed wages and future missed wages
  • Mental and emotional trauma

Meet with a Seattle Electrocution Attorney

Electric shock injuries are particularly serious, especially because of the danger they pose to internal organs. A lawyer from our firm will do everything possible to see that those responsible for your electrocution are held to account.

Filing a personal injury claim can be an intimidating process, but with the help of the attorneys at Craig Swapp & Associates, you don’t have to worry. You can collect the damages owed to you with as little stress as possible.

A Seattle electrocution lawyer will discuss your claim with you for free when you contact our office by calling 1-800-404-9000 or filling out the form below.