Many renters welcome fuzzy friends into their temporary homes. After all, apartments and rental homes have plenty of room for most canine companions. And in most cases, that living arrangement goes swimmingly.

But what happens when you’re visiting someone’s apartment or rental house and the renter’s dog bites you? Do you have to sue the friend you were visiting to recover the compensation you need for your damages? Or does renters insurance cover dog bites?

For the answer, read on.

What Renters Insurance Can Cover

When we think of renters insurance, we usually think of the damages that might occur if we leave the stove on and start a fire or if we damage the property in other ways. But dog bites should be covered to protect visitors in the insured dwelling.

Any dog can bite, and if it does, it’s bound to cause some damage. Fortunately, most renters insurance policies cover dog bites.

The damages tied to a dog bite can get costly because dog bites can be so difficult to clean and care for. Puncture wounds often lead to infections because they’re so difficult to clean, which means your injuries can become even more serious than the initial injury. If the dog’s owner has purchased renters insurance, you should be able to get all of your costs covered.

Get Help After a Dog Bite

It’s unfortunate, but even the sweetest dogs have the potential to bite. If you were bitten at someone’s apartment or rental home, you’ll need to find out if renters insurance covers dog bites.

If the dog owner’s rental insurance policy does, in fact, cover dog bites, an attorney can help you file your claim for compensation. Even if you won’t be able to recover compensation through a renters insurance policy, a qualified and experienced lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can help you sue the dog owner directly to recover the compensation you need.

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