Dogs may seem sweet and friendly, but you could be bitten without any warning, which can leave a surprising amount of damage. Unfortunately, this may be what’s happened to you: You’ve been bitten and now you’re suffering.

As you’re preparing to file a personal injury claim, be sure to watch for dog bite infection symptoms. Infection is a major problem for those bitten by dogs because the puncture wounds go so deep that it can be difficult to clean the wound completely.

If you believe you’re suffering from a dog bite infection, contact your doctor and a lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates. You need medical care for any of the signs described below, and your infection should be included when you file your dog bite claim.

Redness and Swelling

Some of the first signs of a dog bite infection will be difficult to see. It might be difficult at first to tell if these are a normal response to the bite or something more serious. First, you’ll need to watch for redness and swelling spreading from the wound.

It’s normal for your skin to be a little red and swollen after a bite, and for most people, this reaction should fade in a few days. However, if you notice red streaks near the wound, seek medical treatment as soon as possible. An infection can be serious, and these signs warrant medical treatment.  

Fever and Drainage

If your infection is setting in, you might also see some pus and drainage around the bite, which can be a bad sign. This can be accompanied by a warmth and redness and should be treated.

If you feel that you might have a fever, seek medical attention soon. A fever indicates that your body is likely fighting an infection from your dog attack wounds. Such an infection can be dangerous if it spreads further. Unfortunately, this means that you might need further medical treatment, which only adds to your expenses.

Call a Dog Bite Lawyer at Our Firm

If you’re concerned that you might have an infection from your dog bite, be sure that you include the additional pain and medical care necessary for treating the infection in your claim for compensation.

If you’ve been bitten and you’re already seeing some dog bite infection symptoms, get in touch with a lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates after you receive medical treatment. Our attorneys can help you calculate the full cost of your dog bite and fight for the compensation you need to recover from it.

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