When you’re injured in a car accident, it can nearly always be a traumatic experience. You might have been passing through an intersection, following the traffic laws, when another car rammed into your side. You’ve been T-boned and now you’re badly injured.

You deserve funds to aid your recovery, but the first step to that recovery is determining liability: Who is at fault in a T-bone accident?

When you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle collision, you need a lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates to help you find the person or persons responsible. We’ll work diligently to uncover key evidence and ensure a positive outcome for your claim.

Who’s at Fault?

How do you determine fault in a T-bone accident? Typically, that will depend on which vehicle was breaking the law. T-bone accidents usually occur when one car runs a red light or stop sign. When the other driver tries to pass lawfully through the intersection, they’re struck by the driver breaking the law.

As such, the driver unlawfully in the intersection should be financially responsible for the accident. The exception to this rule are those drivers who are at work while on the road. These drivers might be acting within the confines of their employment, and in this case, they’re the responsibility of their employer. In these cases, you’ll need to file a claim against the employer.

Finding Evidence of Fault

You might know the other driver was at fault, but how do you prove it? Because Washington is a fault state, you’ll need evidence showing the other driver’s actions are what caused your injuries. Fortunately, a Seattle lawyer can help you gather evidence.

An attorney will have access to several resources, such as eyewitness reports, expert witnesses, and video surveillance. These reports can help show that the person responsible for the accident crossed the intersection unlawfully, resulting in the T-bone collision.

You could also seek out evidence from the scene, though you’ll need to act fast to preserve this evidence. You’ll have three years to file your claim, but the sooner you act, the more useful your evidence will be.

A Lawyer Can Help

A serious T-bone accident can leave you suffering and in pain for months and even years. The medical expenses from the initial accident alone can place you and your family in financial straits. You deserve compensation, but who is at fault in a T-bone accident? When you need answers to that question, you need a lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates.

With an experienced car accident lawyer on your side, you can get the assistance you need finding evidence and proving that the other driver was the one responsible for the collision, not you. Get started with a free consult, and we’ll help you determine the correct person to bring your injury claim against.

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