If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Seattle, the officer will complete an initial investigation and then write up a report based on their findings and observations. Getting an accident report in Seattle will be very important later because you’ll need it to submit an insurance claim or take legal action against the other driver if your case goes to court.

But how do you get your report? If you’re struggling to get answers, reach out to the lawyers at Craig Swapp & Associates. We can help you get the accident report you need and use that report to support your car accident lawsuit

Washington Accident Reporting Laws

When you are in an accident, you are required by law to report it to the Washington State Patrol if there is over $1,000 in property damage or if someone involved sustained a serious injury or died. When it comes time to obtain a copy, you can get one online or through the mail.

Keep in mind that you have a limited time to report the accident as well. If you fail to act in time, you may even face legal penalties. Calling the police to the scene is frequently the easiest way to start the process and avoid penalties.

Get a Seattle Accident Report Online

No matter where your accident occurred, the custodian of all auto collision reports in the entire state is the Washington State Patrol. You will be able to search for the accident report via the Washington State Patrol Requests for Electronic Collision Records (WRECR). You will have to enter an email address to gain access to the system and pay a processing fee of $10.50.

Your accident report may be available within a few days but be patient. It may take the responding officer longer (in some cases, maybe even a couple of weeks) to prepare and upload the completed report. That’s especially true if your accident involved multiple vehicles, heavy property damage, or serious injuries.

If you were in a motor vehicle accident outside of the city of Seattle, you may also contact the police in the jurisdiction where the crash occurred. You can also perform a search using the WSP Collision Report Search application.

Requesting an Accident Report by Mail

Some people prefer obtaining an accident report through the U.S. mail. If this sounds like you, complete the Request for Copy of Collision Report form. Enclose your completed form along with a check or money order for $10.50 payable to the Washington State Patrol and mail it to them. 

If you’re unsure which direction is better or faster for you, talk to your lawyer. They can advise you on your options and how to use your report. 

Seek Out a Seattle Accident Attorney

Your accident report can be a vital piece of evidence for your claim, but getting your report isn’t always easy. Luckily, your lawyer can help you take action. 

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