When you’re riding a bus, you have no control over your safety. If someone else caused a bus wreck that injured you, a Seattle bus crash lawyer can help you recover compensation.

Seattle is a city of buses. From school buses every morning and afternoon to the Night Owl bus service late at night, you can’t go more than a few minutes without seeing a bus on our streets.

With such a large number of buses comes an inherent risk of bus crashes. Unfortunately, these accidents are usually serious, leading to numerous injuries involving multiple victims. Often, these victims are unsure of how to recover the compensation they need to cover their accident-related expenses.

If you’re in a similar situation, it’s time to get in touch with a Seattle bus accident lawyer. The attorneys at Craig Swapp & Associates are equipped to handle all sorts of bus accident injury claims, and we have a strong track record of helping victims like you get the compensation they deserve.

What Causes Bus Accidents in Seattle?

When you’re riding a bus, you don’t have to pay attention to the road. You put your safety in the hands of the bus driver while you nap, catch up on email, or read a book. That’s part of the convenience of public transit, but it’s also part of the reason that many bus accident victims in Seattle don’t know what exactly caused the crash that injured them.

Not knowing the cause of your bus crash creates a problem. You need to know the cause of your accident in order to identify who is responsible. If you can’t identify who is responsible, you won’t be able to list the proper at-fault parties in your claim for compensation—a mistake that could cost you the compensation you need.

Your attorney will examine all the available evidence to pinpoint the exact cause of your crash and zero in on the at-fault party. The following are some common at-fault parties in Seattle bus accidents:

  • Bus Drivers – Bus drivers receive in-depth training before they’re allowed to drive a bus. That means they should know how to operate the vehicle safely. But if your bus driver was distracted, intoxicated, or drowsy at the time of the accident, you might be able to pursue compensation from him or her.
  • Other Vehicles – Sometimes, there’s nothing a bus driver can do to prevent a reckless or careless driver from slamming into the side of the bus. In those cases, the driver of the other vehicle involved in your accident could be held responsible.
  • Bus Companies – Some private companies operate buses in Seattle. These companies are responsible for providing adequate driver training, keeping their buses in working order, and making reasonable schedules to keep drivers from becoming too exhausted to drive safely. When bus companies fail to meet any of these obligations, bus accidents can result.
  • Government Agencies – In the cases of hazardous roads and government-run bus routes, such as school bus systems, government agencies could be held responsible for bus crashes.
  • Vehicle Manufacturers – In some cases, Seattle bus accidents occur despite the driver, bus company, and everyone else involved doing their absolute best to prevent the crash from happening. Often, that’s the result of a faulty part on the bus or another vehicle. Defective parts that cause bus accidents are the responsibility of the manufacturer of the part in question.

Different Parties, Different Requirements

Generally, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is three years in Washington state. If you’re pursuing compensation from a private bus company, a bus driver, a vehicle manufacturer, or the driver of another vehicle, you will have three years from the date of the accident to file your claim.

However, requirements like this change if you need to seek compensation from a Seattle government agency, including school districts, for your bus accident. Suing a government agency comes with different requirements, including filing notices and waiting periods, which can complicate your claim.

That’s one reason why it’s important to work with an attorney when you have been injured in a bus accident.

Compensation for Seattle Bus Accidents

Any hardship tied to your bus accident, whether it’s financial or emotional, should be accounted for in your claim for compensation. Your attorney can help you make sure your claim fully accounts for all of your damages, which might include the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Property damage
  • Emotional trauma
  • Pain and suffering
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Wrongful death

Get in Touch with a Seattle Bus Accident Attorney

Typically, bus accidents are a confusing, painful mess. When you’re injured in such a crash, sorting through the details is going to be all the more difficult as you deal with the pain of your injuries.

Ease the difficulties ahead and boost your chance of recovering compensation by working with a Seattle bus accident lawyer. Call Craig Swapp & Associates at 1-800-404-9000 or fill out the contact form below to schedule a free consultation.