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Salt Lake City PTSD Lawyer

Emotional trauma can have profound impacts on your daily life, and you deserve compensation for those hardships. To take the first step toward getting what you’re owed, work with a Salt Lake City PTSD attorney.

In an aftermath of an accident, you may have developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a severe anxiety disorder. PTSD can interfere with every aspect of your life, from your employment and relationships to activities you once enjoyed.

It’s not a secret that many accidents are caused by the careless acts of another. Frightening experiences like these can cause emotional trauma. And emotional distress can be costly to treat and change your life for years, if not for the rest of your life.

But after your diagnosis, you can recover compensation from those responsible for the accident that caused your PTSD. A Salt Lake City PTSD lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates will investigate your case and help you understand your options in order to secure maximum compensation for your injuries.

Accidents That Can Trigger PTSD

After an accident, emotional trauma can be more difficult to overcome than many of the physical injuries you might have suffered. PTSD may require ongoing psychological care and prescription medications to help you get through your day-to-day life.

Many traumatic situations and life-threatening events can trigger PTSD. In fact, motor vehicle accidents, which are relatively common, have become a leading cause of PTSD.

Common accidents that can cause PTSD include the following:

Symptoms of PTSD

After you have experienced symptoms of emotional trauma for longer than a month, a doctor may diagnose you with PTSD. The symptoms of this anxiety disorder go deeper than the usual stress most people feel from time to time.

The following are some common symptoms of PTSD:

  • Flashbacks of the traumatic event
  • Nightmares about the event, including frightening and uncontrollable memories
  • Lack of emotion or overwhelming emotions
  • Severe depression
  • Severe and incapacitating anxiety
  • Feeling frightened when not in danger
  • Avoiding places, activities, or people that remind you of the traumatic event

Your Salt Lake City emotional trauma lawyer will help you gather documentation of your symptoms as you build your claim for compensation.

Recovering Compensation for PTSD

Recovering financial compensation for PTSD may be more difficult than it initially seems—especially without a qualified legal ally on your team.

While you focus on your recovery, a PTSD lawyer from our Salt Lake City firm will build your claim, gather evidence, complete paperwork, deal with insurance companies and negligent parties, and pursue the successful outcome you need.

The damages you may suffer from PTSD can result in lost wages and reduced future earnings, healthcare costs to treat and help you cope with the disorder, and pain and suffering. A successful injury claim will account for all of your damages and make a strong case for why you deserve compensation.

Call a Salt Lake City PTSD Attorney

If you are suffering PTSD as a result of someone else’s negligence, contact a compassionate and experienced attorney at Craig Swapp & Associates. Dedicated to protecting your rights, we will work hard to win the fair and full compensation you are entitled to.

To discuss your case with a Salt Lake City PTSD lawyer, give us a call at 1-800-404-9000 or complete the online contact form at the bottom of the page to schedule a free consultation.


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