Airplane crashes are easily some of the most dangerous accidents to be involved in. If either you have been hurt or your family member was killed in an aviation accident, a Salt Lake City plane accident lawyer can help you seek justice through financial compensation.

While you are statistically unlikely to be in an aviation accident riding a large airliner, general aviation accidents involving smaller aircraft are far more common. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, there were 1,223 airplane accidents in 2014 alone.

If you were injured in one of these plane crashes, you should speak with a Salt Lake City plane accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates and explore your legal options for financial compensation.

Reasons for Aviation Accidents

The causes of small plane accidents are many and varied, but they often involve elements of the following:

  • Pilot Error – Small airplanes are most frequently operated by pilots who do not fly full-time and instead do so as a hobby or side job. They are generally less experienced than commercial pilots and more prone to making mistakes during the flight. A poor judgment call can easily lead to an accident.
  • Equipment Malfunction – If the airplane has an instrument malfunction or a faulty part, it can cause a crash or force an emergency landing where an accident can occur.
  • Faulty Aircraft Design – Sometimes the very design of the airplane can make it more likely to crash. The FAA is working on standardizing design requirements as a result.
  • Weather – No one can control the weather. However, a pilot should always check the weather report for the area that will be flown through to ensure that the conditions will be safe.

Your Salt Lake City plane accident lawyer will determine what caused your aviation accident so that we can identify the negligent party, thereby allowing you to recover the maximum compensation possible for your claim.

Proving Negligence for an Airplane Crash

We need to demonstrate that someone else was at fault for your accident and gather the evidence to support our claims. In some cases, multiple parties may have contributed to the crash:

  • Pilot
  • Airport
  • Maintenance or ground crew
  • Manufacturer

For example, if the maintenance crew did not properly complete a repair order or used the wrong fuel, they could be partially at fault for the wreck even if the pilot made an error. These are the types of questions we must answer to ensure that your case is as strong as possible prior to going to court.

Settling Out of Court vs. Going to Trial

After an aviation accident, you need to hire a Salt Lake City plane accident lawyer to represent you. An investigation will need to be conducted, evidence gathered, and a value placed on your claim.

We can negotiate with the other party prior to going to court. If they make a fair and favorable settlement offer, we will advise you on whether to accept it. However, if they won’t take negotiations seriously, we have the experience required to represent you in court.

Compensation for Plane Crash Injuries

Your Salt Lake City plane accident lawyer can help you get money to pay for damages or losses suffered as a result of the crash:

  • Emergency, current, and ongoing medical bills
  • Wages lost by being unable to work during your recovery
  • Caregiver expenses
  • Changes made to your home or vehicle to accommodate your injury
  • Medical devices
  • Rehabilitation
  • And more

Our goal will be to build a strong case and maximize the compensation you receive. If you are filing a claim for the wrongful death of a loved one who was killed in an airplane crash, we can discuss how your compensation and filing rights may vary from a normal personal injury claim.

Get Help from a Salt Lake City Airplane Crash Lawyer

Craig Swapp & Associates can represent you and ensure that your rights are protected. We will fight aggressively on your behalf so that you can receive as much money as possible for your injuries.

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