Many legal terms can sound needlessly complex to those who have just suffered a serious injury and need immediate answers. One relatively straightforward legal concept that many injury victims initially misunderstand is the statute of limitations.

A personal injury case’s statute of limitations is simply the amount of time you are given from the date of your accident to take legal action (i.e., filing a suit or claim for compensation). In Utah, the statute of limitations for most personal injury cases is four years, meaning that any suits filed after this point will not be considered legally valid.

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Varying Time Limits

While the concept of Utah’s statute of limitations for personal injury cases is fairly straightforward, there are some additional points of consideration when it comes to the Utah statute of limitations for personal injury claims.

It’s important to note that a case’s statute of limitations can vary widely, depending on the type of offending action in question. Here are some examples of the statutes of limitations that govern other case types in Utah:

  • Four years for medical malpractice suits
  • Three years for property damage suits
  • Two years for wrongful death suits
  • Four years for assault and battery suits

Virtually every type of legal case imaginable has a corresponding statute of limitations, which is an important consideration when you’re deciding whether you’re going to file a claim.

The Discovery Rule

Here’s another point to consider: If you only learn about your damages or injuries after the relevant statute of limitations has expired, you will want to see if the discovery rule can apply to your case.

Although it’s not applicable to all cases, the discovery rule provides an extension to what is considered the normal statute of limitations for your case.

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