Have you suffered a serious injury involving a surgical stapler? You may be eligible for compensation that covers your surgical stapler losses.

You may have been surprised to learn that staplers can be a medical tool, too. We’re usually more accustomed to the office or construction stapler, but staplers can also be used much like stitches to seal up surgery incisions. The problem is, these staplers can misfire or jam, just like any other staplers. 

If you’ve been injured by a stapler during your surgery, you may need to talk to a lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates about your claim. They can talk with you about how to file a surgical stapler lawsuit.

Risk Factors Involving Surgical Staplers

Surgical staplers are handy for removing parts of organs or connecting things, but they can also do some damage to you in surgery. You’ve probably seen the damage office staplers can do when they jam or misfire, and sadly, surgical staplers can have similar trouble. 

It’s more dangerous when you’re dealing with sensitive, vital organs. For example, if a staple goes the wrong way during your heart surgery, it could damage your heart. That could lead to a lifetime impacted by your injury, and it can even turn deadly. 

You’re not the only one injured by these surgical staplers, either. Many other people in Utah, Washington state, and Idaho are seeking out a mass tort claim. A mass tort is a class action lawsuit, where multiple people were injured by a single defendant, like a corporation. That means you don’t have to act alone.

Compensation for Surgical Stapler Injuries

While acting as a group can help you file your claim and get the compensation you’re due for your claim, you also need to know what your compensation as an individual should be. You may be due compensation that covers not just your financial losses but also the emotional and mental suffering you’ve been through because of your surgical injuries. 

For example, you may have been put through other surgeries because of someone else’s mistake, and you may have been unable to work during that time. You should receive funds to cover those monetary losses. 

But you should also receive compensation for the mental and emotional losses you’ve suffered. These losses may include your pain and suffering and your emotional trauma. These losses can be more difficult to calculate, so you may need help with totaling them for your claim. 

Get Help Filing a Surgical Stapler Lawsuit with a Mass Tort Attorney 

If you’ve been injured because of a surgical stapler, you don’t have to act alone for your compensation. Your lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can help you get involved with a class action lawsuit, giving you a chance to work with other people who have also been injured. Your lawyer can help you coordinate and seek compensation so you can focus on your health. 

Your injury lawyer can help you learn more about how to file a surgical stapler lawsuit during a free consultation. To contact your attorney, give us a call at 1-800-404-9000 or fill out the online contact form below.