A major injury can cause serious problems, including pain and suffering. Unfortunately, when you’re filing a lawsuit, it’s not easy to assign an appropriate value to your pain and suffering.

You may need help understanding how pain and suffering is calculated in lawsuits. Fortunately, the team at Craig Swapp & Associates understands your problems. We can help you judge how much your claim is worth so you know how much you could receive for your pain. Give us a call to get started on your case today.

Pain and Suffering Is Subjective

First, you’ll need to decide how much suffering you’ve endured, as well as the severity of that suffering. Many injuries cause undue suffering to the victim, and you deserve compensation for any pain and suffering another person’s negligence has caused in your life.

Fortunately, attorneys have the tools to calculate an appropriate value for your case. Your pain might be judged on a sliding scale of how much it has affected you. For example, paralysis after a spinal cord injury can cause severe mental anguish because you have lost the basic ability to care for yourself and your family. As such, you can expect a much higher monetary value assigned to your suffering.

On the other hand, you might have suffered an especially painful bone fracture, which will heal much faster but did cause significant pain. In this case, while you have suffered greatly, you might not receive the level of compensation that someone suffering something chronic and debilitating might.

Utah Law Will Affect Your Compensation

When you’re calculating pain and suffering, you’ll also need to consider what could prevent you from getting the compensation you need. Utah courts will consider your part in the accident and reduce your compensation accordingly, for example.

Modified comparative negligence means your case’s worth could be diminished if you’re found responsible for any part for the accident. For instance, 10 percent responsibility on your part means you’ll receive only 90 percent of the awarded damages. Your attorney can help you take this into account as you calculate the value of your pain and suffering and other damages.

We Can Calculate Your Settlement

While the laws surrounding pain and suffering damages and personal injury claims may be intimidating, you deserve compensation for your suffering. If you’re struggling with how to determine the value of your pain and suffering, get in touch with us.

With Craig Swapp & Associates, you’ll have access to attorneys who know exactly how to calculate your settlement and get you on the right track to fair compensation. After all, you deserve compensation for the full extent the suffering you’ve endured.

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