Whenever you eat something, there’s a possibility of getting sick. Food-borne pathogens are still a major issue in many parts of the world, and there’s a chance you’ve seen a news story regarding an outbreak of salmonella from some bad chicken or a batch of spinach tainted with E. Coli.

It’s unfortunate, but you might have been one of the victims. Now, you’re struggling with the symptoms of food poisoning, which can be dire, if not properly treated. You’re likely wondering, “Can I sue for food poisoning?”

Although it’s possible to sue for food poisoning, it can be tough without the help of a lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates. You’ll need assistance dealing with the unique difficulties of recovering compensation for food poisoning, so reach out for a free case evaluation.

Who’s at Fault for Food Poisoning?

When you’re sick, rather than injured, it can be tough to find the culprit. Most of us eat three to five meals per days, and it might seem impossible to pinpoint the exact item of food that poisoned your body. Without a culprit, you don’t have a viable claim.

Even in scenarios where a government agency steps in and determines the cause of a mass food poisoning outbreak, you might have a more isolated case. You’ll likely need to submit to scientific testing to identify the food item and party that is responsible for your suffering.

So, who’s liable? Generally, either the manufacturer who grew or produced the food is at fault. Otherwise, you might argue that those who supplied the food weren’t careful enough to avoid making you sick. If a restaurant doesn’t keep its chicken at safe temperatures, for example, this can result in food poisoning.

Seeking Compensation for Your Suffering

Once you’ve proven that your food was contaminated and that it made you sick, you’ll need to prepare a claim seeking compensation. From here, you’ll need a food poisoning lawyer to help you calculate your claim’s worth.

First, you’ll need to seek compensation for your economic damages. All financial losses you’ve suffered should be added up and compensated by the responsible party. These types of losses include the following:

You might also have suffered intangible damages, which might not be physical but can affect your well-being. If you suffered from any mental and emotional damages, you should also receive compensation for these losses. For a food poisoning case, this might include emotional distress or pain and suffering.

Get Help with a Utah Food Poisoning Claim

Although you can sue for food poisoning, it won’t be easy. The evidence begins to decay immediately, and it can be difficult to determine the exact cause of your illness, especially if you’re not part of a larger lawsuit.

That’s why a lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates can be such a vital part of your claim. You’ll need someone with the tools and resources to help you determine fault and secure your rightful compensation. Starting with a free consultation, we’ll show you how we’ll prove your claim and what we’ll do to defend your funds.

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