If you or a loved one have been abused in a nursing home and you don’t know where to turn for help, call an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer in Salt Lake City.

Nursing home abuse is a horrific abuse of power that happens far too often. Nursing care facilities have an obligation to provide their patients with quality care. When they neglect these patients or subject them to abuse, victims can hold them accountable in civil court. 

Criminal charges may or may not come. But your family can take action and seek maximum compensation for what your family member has suffered through a civil lawsuit. And every step of the way, a respected Salt Lake City nursing home abuse lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates will be by your side, advocating for your rights. 

Continue reading to learn more about some of the more common types of nursing home abuse and how victims can be compensated if they win their cases. 

Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse in Salt Lake City

Nursing home facilities and abusers are able to hide the abuse that goes on within their facilities partially because of the fact that there are so many different types of abuse. Family members of nursing home residents don’t know what to look for in order to catch all of the different types of abuse that can occur.

You might have previously thought that physical abuse was the only abuse your family member could endure in a nursing home. But there are actually several other types of nursing home abuse, including the following:

If you suspect that your family member is suffering or has suffered from any of these types of nursing home abuse, call an SLC nursing home abuse attorney to discuss your legal options. 

Compensating Salt Lake City Nursing Home Abuse Survivors

Nursing home abuse survivors should be repaid for every way they suffered at the hands of their abusers. This includes emotional distress, pain and suffering, loss of companionship and love, diminished quality of life, stolen money, scarring, disfigurement, and other financial and non-financial losses. 

You can also seek compensation for medical expenses and the costs of mental health counseling in your nursing home abuse claim. 

Naming all at-fault parties, including the abuser, staff supervisors, and even the nursing home facility itself, can help ensure that you recover maximum compensation for your loved one’s suffering. 

Get Help from a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Salt Lake City

When you or your loved one have suffered abuse in a nursing home facility, you deserve justice. And under Utah law, you just might be able to get it. An attorney can help. 

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