When commercial trucks jackknife, it can mean disaster for everyone else on the road with them. If you were hurt in one of these crashes, find out how to get compensated by speaking with a Salt Lake City jackknife truck accident lawyer.

After being injured in a jackknife accident, you need a Salt Lake City jackknife truck accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates on your side. These cases can be complicated because of the large number of individuals and entities involved in running commercial vehicles.

Whenever a big rig or industrial truck is involved, it is not automatically assumed that the driver is to blame. Other factors must be carefully considered to ensure that the correct party is named in your personal injury claim.


Money for Your Semi-Truck Jackknife Injuries

Jackknife accidents often cause debilitating injuries—some that are even catastrophic. The more damaging your injuries are, the more money you can receive. This is because we calculate your current medical bills in addition to expenses that you will likely have to pay in the future.

Additionally, you can receive money for how your injuries have negatively impacted your lifestyle. For example, if you can no longer drive, your quality of life will decrease and you can be compensated for it.

Money can also be awarded for any of the following that result from your jackknife wreck:

  • Emergency care and transportation
  • In-home caregivers or support
  • Medication and mobility equipment
  • Cost of retrofitting your home due to an injury or disability
  • Special accommodations required by a temporary or permanent disability
  • Therapy to treat post-traumatic stress disorder or other emotional trauma
  • Pain and suffering


Brake Failure and Fault for a Jackknife

Our job is to identify all negligent parties and name them in your lawsuit. Since braking problems are often the cause of jackknife accidents, we may need to name the manufacturer in your claim.

When a trailer attached to a semi-truck swings out at a ninety-degree angle from the cab, it has jackknifed. As the truck tries to brake, the trailer swings to the side and can hit vehicles in nearby lanes. At high speeds, this motion can cause a semi-truck to tip over, leading to further damage and injury.

When faulty brakes are to blame, we need to determine if the manufacturer made a defective part or if the trucking company failed to maintain them and is solely responsible.


Reckless Drivers and Jackknife Accidents

You may have noticed ahead of the crash if the semi-truck was driving too fast, changing lanes frequently, tailgating, or otherwise driving recklessly. If they were driving in an unsafe manner, the driver could be to blame for the jackknife accident.

In this scenario, we need to determine if the trucker was self-employed or directly employed by a larger company so that the appropriate party can be sued. Sometimes we will name both the driver and the company in the lawsuit to ensure that you have the best chance for collecting financial damages.


Other Factors to Consider in a Semi-Truck Collision

Prior to filing your lawsuit, we will also need to investigate whether the road conditions were dangerous. If so, the government entity responsible for road maintenance may be partially negligent.

Other drivers may also have contributed to the wreck. For example, if someone cut off the semi-truck and forced the driver to brake suddenly, that driver could be to blame for the jackknife. If so, we can include them in the lawsuit, as well.


Speak with an SLC Jackknife 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

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