Questions to Ask a Lawyer After a Car Accident
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Questions to Ask a Lawyer After a Car Accident

After a car accident, no matter its severity, it’s often difficult to know exactly what to do or expect. Even if you find a lawyer whose specialty is in personal injury law, it will still largely be up to you to ask any pressing questions that you may have.

Because the process of formulating relevant legal inquiries comes naturally to very few, we’ve done a bit of the legwork for you. This article will review some of the questions you should ask a qualified lawyeralong with what you should look for in his or her responses.

Timing, Liability, and Other Legal Considerations

We’ll start by reviewing a few legal concepts that pertain to any car accident case, no matter where it occurs.

Every state has a statute of limitations that governs when a lawsuit can be presented, which is intended to help prevent litigation years after the events in question.

Because your case’s statute of limitations hinges on the type of accident you suffered, you will want to make sure to ask a lawyer how long you will be given to file your specific suit. In Utah, the statute of limitations for personal injury suits is four years.

Another important legal concept you will want to get a clear answer on is your state’s standard for determining liability. Utah uses the standard of modified comparative fault, which can bar recovery of compensation for a motorist who is deemed to carry a majority (e.g., 50 percent or more) of the blame for the accident in question.

Lastly, you will need to make sure to inquire about any other possible legal considerations, such as how you should handle speaking to insurers, how much compensation you should pursue, and how to structure your claim.

Background and Track Record

Although online reviews can provide a good snapshot of a lawyer’s competence and past performance, it is still wise to ask an attorney about his or her track record, fees, educational background, expertise, and preferred ways of working.

Examples of questions you may want to ask include the following:

  • How many cases have you won or settled for clients?
  • How long have you been practicing in your field?
  • How much compensation can I expect to receive in a favorable verdict?
  • How do you charge for your services (e.g., by the hour, contingency fees, etc.)?
  • What’s your general approach to litigation?
  • What’s your preferred method of communication?
  • What do you expect to be my case’s ultimate verdict?

This list of questions is by no means exhaustive, nor does an accident victim have to ask all of them. Overall, you want to come out of your initial conversation with a feeling as to whether you can work with the lawyer you’re considering.

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