When you’ve been struck by another driver, your auto insurance claim is key to a full recovery. You need those funds for your hospital bills, car repairs, and any other costs related to your accident. Unfortunately, you just received a letter from your insurance company with the decision on your claim: denied.

It’s a difficult spot to be in when you have medical debts and car repairs, and you’ll need to know how to fight a denied auto insurance claim. Fortunately, the lawyers at Craig Swapp & Associates can help. Our attorneys can review your claim and find the best way to address the denial.

Reasons an Auto Claim Is Denied

First, you’ll need to understand the reason you were denied compensation. This reason will vary, depending on your situation, but knowing this information will be vital for your claim. You’ll need these answers to formulate the best approach for appealing your denied claim.

Once you know why your claim has been denied, you can start addressing the issues presented. For example, if the insurance provider claims you didn’t file soon enough, you might have evidence showing that you did, or that you were unable to reasonably do so. If you can address the reasons for your claim with a lawyer, you might be able to get your claim settled without an extensive amount of work.

Unsure why you were denied? A lawyer can help you get answers based on your denial letter. Some common reasons for a denial include the following:

How to Fight Back

In some cases, the reason for your denial isn’t justifiable and, sometimes, might not be false. For example, the insurance company might claim that your insurance policy doesn’t cover the full extent of the damage, or that you filed a fraudulent claim, even though you know that’s not true.

If you believe the insurance provider is incorrect, especially if you think it was intentional, you’ll need to file a claim of bad faith. A denial made in bad faith leaves you struggling with the costs, and you’ll need to fight back with the help of a lawyer.

Once you’re ready to file, your lawyer will help you gather evidence that the insurer denied you in bad faith. This evidence might include insurance statements, hospital bills, or other information that disputes the insurer’s claim. You’ll need to fight your claim in court to secure the compensation you need.

Get Help Seeking Compensation

When you’re struggling in the wake of a car accident, getting compensation for your pain can be crucial to your full recovery. Unfortunately, your insurance company might not be so willing to help you recover. They might deny your insurance claim, leaving you to pay for your accident-related expenses on your own.

You might need to enlist a lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates. Our team knows how to fight a denied auto insurance claim. You’ll need help during this overwhelming time, and we can provide that when you’re struggling with your denied accident claim.

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