One of the most significant tasks that a car accident attorney has is ensuring that the other party is held responsible in a Salt Lake City car accident liability situation.

Since Salt Lake City is one of the many American cities that now subscribe to comparative negligence, it is critical that Salt Lake City car accident liability be assigned to the proper party.

Our attorneys have the investigative tools to conduct an investigation into what exactly happened in the moments leading up to an accident.

Comparative Liability

In order to properly determine Salt Lake City car accident liability, there are a number of tools we can use to prove the other driver was responsible for the majority of the accident.

In order to establish your responsibility level—or liability—we will look at a number of different areas to provide support for your story. These include the police accident report, state traffic laws, and specific situations where there is simply no doubt which driver is at fault.

It will be necessary to demonstrate to the fullest extent possible that you were not liable for the accident. Any percentage you are found responsible for will directly reduce your settlement. So being found 10 percent at fault will consequently reduce your settlement amount by a corresponding 10 percent.

Circumstances Can Indicate Liability

Some accident scenarios leave little to no doubt who was responsible for the accident.

This can include rear-end collisions, where you have clearly been hit from behind because the driver behind you was not adhering to speed limits, was distracted, or was simply not paying attention traffic.

In a similar manner, left-turn accidents are often found to be the fault of the car making the left turn. Unless it can be proven that the car going straight was well over the speed limit or ran a red light, the burden of Salt Lake City car accident liability falls upon the driver making the left turn.

Police Reports

One of the best tools you have in a Salt Lake City car accident liability situation is the official police accident report.

When the police report plainly states the officer’s opinion was that someone violated a specific traffic rule, there is a higher probability that the liability for the accident will be placed on that driver.

A police report is one of the best pieces of evidence available to show that the other driver was largely responsible for causing the crash by violating city or state traffic laws.

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You deserve financial compensation for any injuries you may have suffered. If the other driver caused the accident, they should be held liable for the expense of your damages and injuries. That’s what Salt Lake City car accident liability is all about.

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