According to Consumer Reports, rollover accidents account for 30 percent of crash-related fatalities, even though they are only 3 percent of all car accidents. A sport utility vehicle (SUV)—especially when it’s been poorly designed—is especially susceptible to a rollover. Even when rollovers don’t result in fatalities, they are highly likely to cause serious injuries to those in the vehicle.

If this is your situation, speaking with a Salt Lake City SUV rollover accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates is the first step in receiving compensation for your injuries. You can sue for financial damages if someone else was responsible for your accident. In the case of a single-vehicle rollover crash, the manufacturer may be to blame.

To find out, we will need to investigate what happened and determine what caused the crash. The key is moving quickly so that we can gather evidence while it is fresh.

Why Your Sport Utility Vehicle May Have Rolled

SUVs have a greater risk of rolling because they are top-heavy with a higher center of gravity than the typical passenger car. When a vehicle turns, its center of gravity can shift to one side, causing it to tip and leading to a rollover if it tips too far.

Manufacturers can take steps to prevent this from happening and have a responsibility to keep the designs of their SUVs safe. Unfortunately, they don’t always do this, and when there is a design flaw or a safety system fails, accidents and injuries are the result. This type of negligence makes the manufacturer liable for what happens.

Rollover accidents can also occur when a vehicle encounters poor road conditions such as potholes, especially when driving at high speeds. If the roads were not maintained properly and this caused the accident, the government agency responsible for road maintenance could be to blame. You can seek compensation from the government, but you need to act quickly because there are strict rules and shortened timeframes when it comes to suing a government agency.

Your Tires Could Be to Blame

Every year, there are cases where tires do not function properly and result in rollovers. When you speak with your attorney, let us know what tires were on the vehicle so we can see if there are any recalls out and if the model has a history of causing problems.

During the discovery process, we can conduct further research into whether the tire manufacturer has liability. This could be due to weak sidewalls that easily lead to blowouts, poor or inadequate tread designs that don’t grip the road, and any number of other flaws.

Speak with a Salt Lake City SUV Accident Lawyer

You may have grounds for a lawsuit against the manufacturer or other negligent party after getting injured in a rollover accident. To find out if you have a case, call our office and schedule a free consultation. Craig Swapp & Associates is here to assist you and will fight for your full compensation.

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