Rear-end car accidents are a fairly common occurrence, and it is often automatically assumed that the driver who rear-ended the other is responsible.

This simply isn’t always the case. There are a number of contributing factors that can result in a rear-end car accident, some of which can indicate that the lead driver was at fault.

Before a judge can rule on who is responsible, he or she will need to look at all evidence that may demonstrate negligence. This is why it is important that your Salt Lake City rear-end accident lawyer knows all of the facts involved in the accident, including factors such as road repairs, road conditions, or whether one of the drivers was driving distracted.

The Lead Driver Could Be Responsible

While many people assume that the driver who was rear-ended is not responsible, there are, in fact, circumstances where the leading driver could be guilty of negligence:

  • The front car reverses suddenly—effectively backing into the rear driver
  • The lead driver has a mechanical problem or a flat tire but does not pull over or engage the vehicle’s hazard lights
  • The lead driver switches on the turn signal, slows down, but then fails to execute the turn
  • The lead vehicle has non-functioning brake lights

Any of these scenarios could indicate that the driver who was hit is actually responsible for the accident. If you are the rear driver in one of these circumstances, a Salt Lake City rear-end car accident lawyer can help you claim your compensation and prove your case in court.

When the Rear Driver Is at Fault

Typically, however, the car in the lead is not responsible for being rear-ended. In this situation, the driver who has been rear-ended must prove that the rear driver was somehow at fault for the accident:

  • The rear driver was following at an unsafe distance
  • The rear driver failed to stop
  • The driver behind was driving distracted
  • The rear driver was driving recklessly in adverse road conditions
  • The rear driver was knowingly driving a vehicle not fit for the road (e.g., the vehicle had a faulty brake system)
  • Under these circumstances, the rear driver is almost certainly at fault for the accident.

A Salt Lake City rear-end car accident attorney can help you bring your case to court and ensure you receive compensation for the damages caused to you and your vehicle.

Get Help from a Salt Lake City Rear-End Accident Lawyer

You deserve financial compensation for the injuries and damages you have suffered. A Salt Lake City rear-end accident attorney can help you to obtain that compensation.

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