While interstates often represent the quickest way to get from one place to another, they can also present drivers with uniquely dangerous driving conditions.

Many of the drivers on the interstate are travelling long distances, which can lead to driving while sleepy or fatigued. Combine this with a large number of cars travelling at high speeds over multiple lanes, and it could be a car accident waiting to happen.

When accidents do happen on the interstate, they often result in significant property damage and injuries—even death. If you have been injured in one of these accidents, contact a Salt Lake City interstate accident lawyer to explore your options for financial compensation.

Causes of Interstate Accidents

Just like accidents on other roads and highways, distracted driving is a major contributor to interstate accidents. Attempting to text on a cell phone or eat breakfast on the go while driving often ends poorly. On an interstate, this can be catastrophic and can lead to multiple-vehicle accidents all but guaranteed to involve extensive damages and significant injuries.

Other common causes of interstate accidents include the following:

  • Sleepiness or fatigued driving
  • Road rage
  • Improper lane changes
  • Speeding and reckless driving
  • Drunk driving

Most of these causes involve some form of driver error. Proving this negligence will be essential to winning your case for financial compensation.

The Cost of Interstate Accidents

Any accident has a chance of resulting in injuries to those involved. The high speeds and multiple cars involved in many interstate accidents make injuries even more likely to occur.

Medical expenses for treatment and therapy should all be factored into your settlement.

In addition to receiving compensation for your medical bills, you could also be entitled to compensation for any other expenses or damages related to the accident:

  • Lost wages due to time off work
  • Repair bills for vehicle damage
  • Home or vehicle modifications made to accommodate an injury
  • Expenses for hiring help while you recover
  • And more!

Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations in Utah is four years for personal injury cases.

It is important to file a lawsuit as soon as possible. While four years may seem like a long time, insurance companies will stall and draw out negotiations for as long as possible.

Even if you would prefer to settle out of court, it’s best to file a lawsuit and prepare for the possibility of going to court. Otherwise, you risk missing your window of opportunity for financial compensation.

Contact a Salt Lake City Interstate Accident Lawyer

It is important to work with an attorney from the very beginning to ensure that you are not taken advantage of by the insurance company and that you receive a fair settlement.

A knowledgeable Salt Lake City interstate accident lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates will work with you to protect your rights and maximize the value of your claim.

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