As the capital of Utah, Salt Lake City has more traffic than most of the other areas of the state. It also provides a wide variety of terrain, so you get a good mixture of city life along with plenty of rural activities and mountain scenery.

Salt Lake City is also home to three different freeways, which leaves some room for various types of car accidents that aren’t as common in cities without freeways. Some Salt Lake City car accident common types are more frequent in these areas than others just because of the unique mixture of slow-paced rural life meeting fast-paced city life and freeways.

Unfortunately, the one thing that many of the car accidents in Salt Lake City have in common is that most of them could have been prevented.

Speeding and Following Too Closely

When it comes to the leading causes of fatal accidents, the Utah Department of Public Safety has found that speeding is at the top of the list. That’s no surprise with people coming off of three busy interstates in Salt Lake City. It can be hard to “shift gears” and slow down to match the speed of the drivers around you after you’ve exited the interstate.

Since many of the vehicles that travel the interstate are semi-trucks that are delivering goods across the nation, these kinds of accidents can be especially dangerous. It doesn’t help that the leading cause of accidents, in general, is following too closely.

Put this information together and it indicates that people are in such a hurry that they may be putting their lives and the lives of the drivers around them at risk.

Salt Lake City Car Accident Common Types

Although car accidents in Salt Lake City vary, some of the most common are those that are entirely preventable. Salt Lake City car accident common types include, but are not limited to, the following:

Other types of traffic accidents in Salt Lake City involve motorcycles, semi-trucks, commercial vehicles, taxis, and even pedestrians. Because the majority of these accidents are caused by driver error or negligence, those who are injured could, as a result, be entitled to compensation.

Car Accidents Involving Motorcycles

Motorcycle accidents aren’t all that uncommon in Salt Lake City. After all, what driver would not want to enjoy the fresh air with winding roads and a view of the mountains?

However, the scenery may be a part of the problem. Motorcycle riders who are distracted by the scenery may not be paying enough attention to the road itself. Since the drivers around them may not be paying attention to the motorcycle, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Car Accidents with Semi-Trucks and Other Vehicles

Semi-truck and trailer accidents are especially dangerous because of the force of the weight that these vehicles have behind them.

They tend to frequent the interstate and have to deal with other drivers who may not understand how to use the multiple lanes correctly. As trucks are trying to get on and off the road, other drivers are cruising in the right lane.

This creates a danger for semi drivers as well as the drivers around them.

Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

You may not be sure if you need a car accident lawyer, or if your accident was even someone else’s fault. If, however, you or your family members have been injured in a traffic accident, it’s a good idea to have our lawyers take a look at the details to determine if you are entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Car accidents can be complicated cases, and you could find yourself up against insurance adjusters, medical professionals, companies, and attorneys representing the other side. Make sure you have someone on your side who can represent your best interests.

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